Shinobu Ito, Keisuke Kaiho, Kunihiko Ozaki: Paper container for fluid substances, and inside lid therefor. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, April 22, 1997: US05622308 (19 worldwide citation)

A paper container for fluid substances. It comprises: a tapered trunk portion formed by rolling a sheet comprising a layer having a barrier ability applied onto a surface of cardboard, in a state in which the layer is disposed inside, and by joining longitudinal-directional ends of the sheet with ea ...

Yoshifumi Arai: Color matching apparatus for reproducing the same color under different illuminants. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, September 24, 1996: US05559604 (19 worldwide citation)

Colorimetric values such as L*a*b* values are transformed into color separation values such as CMYK values dependent on the characteristics of a color output device by using a multilayered feedforward neural network. The neural network learns in advance the relationships between a multiplicity of co ...

Hiroo Suzuki, Tadashi Kuno, Yasuo Yoshimura, Kiyoshi Okugami, Hisashi Hotta, Shinya Otsuka: Aqueous coating resin composition. Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co, Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Sherman & Shalloway, July 3, 1984: US04458040 (19 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an aqueous coating resin composition to be applied to a metal substrate, particularly an inner surface of a metal can or can closure on which an undercoating layer is formed. This coating composition comprises an aqueous dispersion of a self-emulsifiable resin composition being obtained ...

Michiko Tamano, Satoshi Okutsu, Toshio Enokida: Hole-transporting material and use thereof. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack L, October 19, 1999: US05968675 (17 worldwide citation)

A hole-transporting material having excellent hole transportation capability and sufficient durability, used in an organic EL device and an electrophotographic photoreceptor, the hole-transporting material having the general formula specified in claim 1.

Yoshihisa Fukuchi, Miki Shikano: Resin composition for water-repellent coating and water-repellent coating. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, August 31, 1999: US05945482 (17 worldwide citation)

A resin composition for a water-repellent coating which is excellent in adhesion to a substrate and weathering resistance and has a high hardness equivalent to that of a hard coating and excellent acid resistance, which can exhibit these properties in spite of a low fluorine content, the composition ...

Masahisa Kakinuma, Hideaki Kojima, Nobuyuki Yanagida: Photosensitive composition and calcined pattern obtained by use thereof. Taiyo Ink Manufacturing, Rader Fishman & Grauer PLLC, January 29, 2002: US06342322 (17 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are a photosensitive composition which is developable with an aqueous alkaline solution and such calcined patterns as a conductor pattern, a vitreous dielectric pattern, and a fluorescent pattern which are obtained by the use of the photosensitive composition. The photosensitive compositio ...

Tuneo Tanaka, Sengo Ishizuka, Keniti Tokuda, Akimitsu Suzuki: Phthalocyanine pigment compositions. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Frank J Jordan, May 9, 1978: US04088507 (17 worldwide citation)

A copper phthalocyanine pigment composition consisting essentially of 100 parts by weight of copper phthalocyanine and 0.5 - 30 parts by weight of a copper phthalocyanine derivative having the following formula ##STR1## WHEREIN Cu--Pc-- is the residue of copper phthalocyanine, m and n are each an in ...

Yoshizawa Kiyoshi, Yamaya Kiichi: Threshold device for converting video signal to binary video signals and method of determining threshold level. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Sughrue Rothwell Mion Zinn & Macpeak, October 7, 1975: US3911212 (17 worldwide citation)

In an image analysis for document or a particle measuring system, a threshold circuit for providing a reference signal for comparison with a video signal derived from a television camera to provide a corresponding binary video signal. A monitoring device is provided for displaying on the screen two ...

Masatoshi Mori, Ryoji Fukata: Pressure-sensitive adhesives. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Bucknam and Archer, August 29, 1978: US04110290 (16 worldwide citation)

A pressure-sensitive adhesive comprising, by weight, (A) an aqueous dispersion of a copolymer of (1) at least one alkyl acrylate, (2) at least one .alpha.,.beta.-unsaturated carboxylic acid or hydroxyl group-containing acrylate or methacrylate or the like and (3) at least one vinylic or vinylidenic ...

Akira Ohtsuki, Hirokichi Ishino, Hiromu Sakai, Takahiro Yamasoba, Susumu Tsuchiko, Yasuyuki Ishiwatari, Atsuhiro Yamamoto: Cans. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Jordan and Hamburg, November 9, 1982: US04358493 (16 worldwide citation)

Cans prepared by bonding and/or seaming together the to-be-bonded portions of can materials with the aid of an adhesive, characterized in that the adhesive comprises at least one modified polyolefin selected from carboxyl group-containing polyolefins and metal compound-incorporated carboxyl group-co ...

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