Michiko Tamano, Toshio Enokida, Toshikazu Onikubo, Satoshi Okutsu: Material for organoelectro-luminescence device and use thereof. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack L, November 21, 2000: US06150042 (20 worldwide citation)

A hole-injecting material for an organic EL device, having excellent hole-injecting capability and durability and having the formula [I], [II] or [III] specified in claim 1, and an organic electroluminescence device obtained by forming either a light-emitting layer or a plurality of organic compound ...

Yoshiki Nakano: Color image reproduction system having color analysis function performed with a neural network system. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Ladas & Parry, April 9, 1996: US05506696 (20 worldwide citation)

A color separation section for converting colorimetric values into color separation values adopts a neural network. When a color image output device for outputting a color image on the basis of color separation value signals is used, the color image output device to be used outputs a standard color ...

Yusaku Ide: Coated pigment and colorant composition. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack L, August 18, 1998: US05795376 (20 worldwide citation)

A coated pigment highly surface-modified with a substantially water-insoluble organic surface modifier, produced by preparing a mixture of water and a substantially water-insoluble organic surface modifier, pressurizing the mixture, introducing the mixture into a flow path having a diameter-decrease ...

Atsushi Hirokawa, Kunihiko Ozaki: Process for the manufacture of deposition films and apparatus therefor. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, April 28, 1992: US05107791 (19 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for use in a process for the substantially continuous manufacture of a silicon oxide deposition film by evaporating a deposition material composed mainly of a combination of silicon and silicon oxide or silicon oxide alone by heating the material to continuously form a deposition layer ...

Jun Kokumai, Akira Otsuki, Tadashi Ishibashi: Coating compositions for use in coating can insides and a method for applying the same. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Frank J Jordan, April 22, 1980: US04199622 (19 worldwide citation)

Coating compositions for use in coating can insides which consist essentially of a polar group-containing polyolefin and at least one solvent for the polyolefin, the polyolefin being dispersed in the solid particulate form in the solvent; and a method for applying the same.

Motoaki Suzuki, Hitoshi Muroi: Coating method. Toyo Ink Manufacturing Company, Sughrue Rothwell Mion Zinn & Macpeak, April 27, 1976: US03953626 (19 worldwide citation)

A method for coating a paint of high viscosity, wherein the paint is extruded in a filament-like form from a nozzle and is applied to a moving surface in a striped or convoluted pattern, and a gas is blown against the coated surface to smoothen it.

Hiromitsu Katsura, Shigeyuki Ehashi, Junichi Tsuchida, Kenichi Kakimoto: Pigment compositions and use thereof. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Kenway & Jenney, March 2, 1982: US04317682 (19 worldwide citation)

There is provided a pigment composition comprising 100 parts by weight of a pigment and from 0.3 to 30 parts by weight of a colorless or slightly colored aromatic compound having the following general formula (I) ##STR1## wherein Q represents a residue of an aromatic polycyclic compound which is joi ...

Masaaki Ishiyama, Takeaki Matuura, Takashi Mihoya, Shinya Fujimatsu, Masayoshi Utsugi, Kouichi Iibuchi: Aqueous dispersion of an aqueous hydrazine-terminated polyurethane. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, December 23, 1997: US05700867 (19 worldwide citation)

An aqueous dispersion of an aqueous polyurethane having an ionic functional group, polyoxyethylene units and terminal hydrazine functional groups is provided. Content of the ionic functional group is about 5 to about 180 milliequivalent per 100 g of the aqueous polyurethane, and content of the polyo ...

Takenori Funatsu, Yoichi Inuzuka, Tetsuo Mishina, Kenji Kitamura, Ataru Chiba: Phthalocyanine pigment compositions. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Jordan and Hamburg, September 9, 1980: US04221606 (19 worldwide citation)

A phthalocyanine pigment composition comprising (A) 100 parts by weight of phthalocyanine pigment, (B) a specific phthalocyanine derivative and (C) a polyvalent metal salt of an anionic surface-active agent, the compounds (B) and (C) being contained in a molar ratio of 1:0.1-5 and totalling 0.5-30 p ...

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