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A method of reading electrical information, which comprises arranging electric field-generating means having a pulse oscillator and detection means of detecting a potential in the electric field to form an electrostatic coupling space and/or a latent electrostatic coupling space where the and the de ...

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A toner composition for electrophotography excellent in fixing property at a low temperature, offset resistance and blocking resistance comprising a resin binder and a colorant which is dispersed in the resin binder, the resin binder being a nonlinear polyester resin prepared by the reaction of:

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A light-emitting material which serves to emit light having a high brightness and is almost free of deterioration in light emission, and an organic EL device for which the light-emitting material is adapted, the material having the formula [1],

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The present invention relates to an ink jet recording liquid obtained by dispersing a pigment in an aqueous medium, said aqueous medium comprising glycerol and 1,3-propanediol. The ink jet recording liquid of the present invention is capable of sustaining prolonged stable discharge onto the recordin ...

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A photoconductive material comprising a phthalocyanine and a phthalocyanine derivative in which the phthalocyanine molecule has benzene nuclei substituted with at least one member selected from nitro and cyano groups, and an electrophotographic plate comprising a photoconductive layer of the photoco ...

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A process for the formation of a protective coating on an electrical element which comprises housing an electrical element such as a capacitor in a mold made of a ultraviolet rays transmissible material, introducing a fire retardant liquid resin composition into the space between the mold and the el ...

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A neural network is made to undergo learning such that at least three characteristic parameters, which correspond to an inputted set of color information values when the set of color information values, including at least three color information values, is inputted and which are obtained by multivar ...

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A transparent laminate is disclosed, which laminate comprises a transparent plastic resin film or sheet substrate (A), a thin layer (B) of at least one metal such as aluminium, tin, iron, zinc, or magnesium formed on the film or sheet substrate (A) by vacuum deposition or sputtering, and a carboxyl ...

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A paper container for fluid substances. It comprises: a tapered trunk portion formed by rolling a sheet comprising a layer having a barrier ability applied onto a surface of cardboard, in a state in which the layer is disposed inside, and by joining longitudinal-directional ends of the sheet with ea ...