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A pigment composition is disclosed which includes a pigment and a coloring compound of the general formula (I), ##STR1## wherein Q represents a residue of a coloring compound other than phthalocyanine, X represents --SO.sub.2 -- or --CO--, m and n represent, respectively, an integer of from 1 to 4 a ...

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A thermogenic composition comprising (1) at least one of alkali metal sulphides, polysulphides and hydrates thereof, (2) at least one of carbonaceous materials, (3) at least one of powdered iron, magnesium, aluminum and powdered alloys of these metals and, if desired, calcium oxide, the thermogenic ...

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An aqueous resin dispersion prepared by dispersing in an aqueous medium in the presence of ammonia or an amine a composite resin composition comprising carboxylic groups in an excessive amount and a reaction product obtained by at least partially reacting a specific acrylic resin (A), a specific aro ...

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A photocurable and thermosetting resin composition developable with an aqueous alkali solution is disclosed. The composition comprises in combination: (A) a photosensitive prepolymer soluble in a dilute aqueous alkali solution obtained by esterifying an epoxy resin represented by the following gener ...

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A thermogenic sheet combined poultice comprising a thermogenic composition layer capable of generating heat in the presence of air or oxygen and a heat-stable wet pack composition layer; and a process for the production of the thermogenic sheet combined poultice.

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A color correcting unit receives color separation values such as CMY values from an image input unit. Under the control of a control portion, inputs to a first conversion portion constituted by a neural network which has been trained in advance on the basis of the spectral distribution of an arbitra ...

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A water-dispersed inkjet recording liquid excellent in water resistance and transparency and also excellent in the property of ejection from a nozzle, containing, as a colorant, a water-based dispersion of an organic pigment (A) having an average particle diameter of 10 to 150 nm (measured by laser ...

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An organosilicon composition comprising 99.9 to 50% by weight of an alkylalkoxysilane and/or a condensate thereof and 0.1 to 50% by weight of an emulsifier mixture containing 0.01 to 20% by weight, based on the total amount of the emulsifier mixture, of an anionic emulsifier and 80 to 99.99% by weig ...

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A process for preventing the scattering of glass fragments in the event of the bursting of a glass container such as a bottle, which comprises coating the surface of the glass container with a resin composition in a thickness of at least 100 microns, said composition comprising a dispersion of (A) a ...

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A composition for the formation of barrier ribs of a plasma display panel and a method for the formation of the barrier ribs are disclosed. The formation of barrier ribs is effected by applying either a composition comprising (A) a low-melting glass having a working point of not more than 560.degree ...