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A process for the production of a laminate which comprises laminating a boehmite- or pseudoboehmite-treated aluminum foil with an oxidation-treated polyolefin film with the treated surface of the foil facing to the treated surface of the film under heat and pressure without the use of binders for la ...

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A target object to be irradiated is transported into an irradiating chamber through a transport inlet for irradiation with an active energy beam under an inert gas atmosphere in an active energy beam irradiating section included in the irradiating chamber and, then is transported out of the irradiat ...

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A heat-set type printing ink comprising as the vehicle a non-aqueous dispersion prepared by dissolving a resin in a hydrocarbon solvent-containing solvent boiling at not lower than 170.degree. C. to form a resin solution and polymerizing at least one kind of vinyl monomer in said resin solution to o ...

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A colorant-amount transforming method for transforming a first colorant amount for forming an image on a first medium into a second colorant amount for forming the image on a second medium whose colorimetric value differs from that of the first medium. The first colorant amount is transformed into a ...

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A pressure-sensitive adhesive prepared by emulsifying dispersing a monomer mixture containing at least 50% by weight, based on the total weight of the monomer mixture, of a long-chain alkyl (meth)acrylate with the alkyl having 9 to 13 carbon atoms in an aqueous surfactant solution to bring the monom ...

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A heat-sensitive transfer sheet comprising a base film, a first hot melt layer composed mainly of wax, a coloring layer comprising at least one colorant and at least one a resin as a vehicle, and a second hot melt layer composed mainly of wax, these layers being formed on said base film in this orde ...

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A photocurable and thermosetting resin composition comprises (A) a high purity synthetic silica powder having a uranium content of not more than 1.0 ppb, (B) a photosensitive prepolymer containing a carboxylic group and at least two ethylenically unsaturated groups in its molecule and having an acid ...

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(EN) Disclosed is a carbazole-containing amine compound represented by the general formula [1] below. The carbazole-containing amine compound is likely to form a stable thin film since it has a high Tg and the molecule thereof hardly crystallizes. This carbazole-containing amine compound is useful a ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an inkjet ink having well dispersed pigment particles and usable suitably as a UV-cure inkjet ink for on-demand printing.SOLUTION: The inkjet ink contains an organic dispersion medium containing a polymerizable compound, a black pigment having an average particle siz ...

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A pigment composition which comprises a phthalocyanine pigment, a phthalocyanine derivative (A) of the formula (1),