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An optical recording medium which comprises an organic thin film layer containing at least one of phthalocyanine compounds, due to which high light absorptivity to laser beams and high recording sensitivity can be obtained. The optical recording medium provided by the present invention has high chem ...

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Apparatus for applying dyestuffs to textile materials by transfer of the dyestuffs sublimated at reduced pressure, characterized in that it comprises a cooling roll for cooling heated, printed or dyed material to temperatures lower than its secondary transition point and, if desired, further compris ...

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A serum:plasma separator is provided containing a tackifier having a softening point of 70.degree. to 150.degree. C. and a partition-forming material. The separator prevents hemocyte from remaining in a serum portion after blood separation and prevents migration of a component having a concentration ...

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A photosensitive coating composition comprising (1) a prepolymer containing radically cross-linkable ethylenically unsaturated double bonds and (2) a sensitizer which comprises predominantly a mixture of (a) benzophenone, halogenated benzophenone or a combination thereof and (b) 4,4'-bis(diethylamin ...

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An aqueous coating composition comprised of an aqueous resin obtained by neutralizing, with a volatile base, a copolymer comprised of

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A color balance adjusting apparatus for adjusting color imbalance due to the difference in color temperature between a preferable standard illuminant and an illuminant under which a color image is obtained, thereby making the colors of the image substantially identical to those obtained under the pr ...

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An aqueous coating composition capable of forming a film having excellent water resistance, high hardness, excellent processability and excellent shelf stability, and the coating composition comprises:

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The present invention relates to a resist ink composition characterized by comprising a specific unsaturated polycarboxylic acid resin (A) or a specific unsaturated polycarboxylic acid/urethane resin (A'), a photopolymerization initiator (B), a diluent (C), and a curing component (D) and a cured art ...

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A process for producing a pigment composition containing a highly halogenated copper phthalocyanine, produced by halogenation of copper phthalocyanine in the presence of chlorosulfonic acid, titanium tetrachloride or a mixture of titanium tetrachloride with aluminum chloride, a highly halogenated co ...

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The disclosure is concerned with an electrophotographic recording medium having a layer of a photoconductive material containing at least one member selected from the group consisting of .tau., .tau.', .eta., and/or .eta.' form metal free phthalocyanine, the layer being formed on an electroconductiv ...