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A surface-treated organic pigment excellent in initial dispersibility and long-term dispersion stability in water and an organic solvent and free from the coagulation of pigment particles, obtained by reacting a sulfonating agent with an organic pigment dispersed in a solvent in which the organic pi ...

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The present invention relates to an aqueous ink jet recording liquid of a pigment type, which liquid has excellent stability and printing characteristics; and also to a process for the preparation of said liquid. The ink jet recording liquid of the present invention is obtained by dispersing a pigme ...

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An insulating resin composition for the build-up of multilayer circuits by the procedure of copper foil lamination and a method for the production of a multilayer printed circuit board by the use of the insulating resin composition are disclosed. The insulating resin composition comprises at least o ...

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A process for the preparation of laminates comprising the steps of (1) putting a thermoplastic resin sheet or film and a metal foil or sheet one upon another with a specific polyolefin type resin being interposed therebetween, (2) heating the thus interposed specific polyolefin type resin to a tempe ...

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A method of indicating a time or a temperature-time accumulated value as a color change (degree of color development), which comprises providing an oxidation-polymerizable dyestuff and the oxidizing agent in a non-contact state and bringing the oxidation-polymerizable dyestuff and the oxidizing agen ...

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A photosensitive thermosetting resin composition, comprising (A) a photosensitive prepolymer containing at least two ethylenically unsaturated bonds in the molecular unit thereof, (B) a photoinitiator, (C) a photopolymerizable vinyl monomer and/or an organic solvent as a diluent, (D) a finely powder ...

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A light-emitting material for developing an organic EL device, which has the formula �1! or �2! recited in claims, and an organic EL device having layers thereof, the organic EL device having a high light emission brightness and a long life of light emission.

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A photosetting liquid ink composition developable with a dilute alkaline aqueous solution and comprising (A) a resin curable with an activated energy ray, obtained by the reaction of a saturated or unsaturated polybasic acid anhydride with a product of the reaction of a novolak type epoxy compound a ...

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A light-emitting material of the following general formula �1! for an organic electroluminescence device, ##STR1## wherein each of A.sup.1 to A.sup.4 is a substituted or unsubstituted aryl group having 6 to 16 carbon atoms, and each of R.sup.1 to R.sup.8 is independently a hydrogen atom, a halogen a ...

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A vinyl-group-containing dendrimer useful in coating and printing and is curable by any one of conventional triggers such as heating, ultraviolet light, infrared light, electron beams and &ggr; rays, the composition comprising a vinyl-group-containing dendrimer (A) comprising a core portion, branchi ...