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A UV curable, etch-resistant ink composition for ink jet printing of variable information on printed circuit boards and for printing the circuit boards themselves comprising a resin formulation having at least two acrylate components, one of which is an acrylate having a pendant carboxyl group and o ...

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An ink composition for ink-jet printing, capable of producing a high-quality image without causing blur, comprising, as essential components, a coloring component and a dispersion medium in which the coloring component is homogeneously dispersed and retained, characterized in that the coloring compo ...

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Disclosed is an aqueous ink composition useful for ink jet printing, which comprises 2-12 wt % of a water soluble dye, 35-80 wt % of a polyhydric alcohol having 2-6 carbon atoms.

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A dark or black print article is ink-jet printed with a white ink composition comprising at least a white pigment having a particle size of less than 3 .mu.m, a solvent and a binder resin with a good print stability. The white ink composition has a good dispersion stability, a good redispersability, ...

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The present invention provides a reactive diluent composition which overcomes drawbacks of both the radical-cure and the cationic-cure reactive diluents and can be applied in a broad variety of uses such as paints, inks, adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, surface-modifiers, and molding materia ...

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An ink composition for ink jet printing contains an amino functionalized polyetheracrylate as radiation curable compound.

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An ink composition for ink jet printing comprises an aqueous medium in which are dispersed particles of a polyurethane latex containing a dye.

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The invention relates to an aqueous ink composition for use in ink jet printers comprising an aqueous carrier, a pigment, and, preferably, a graft polymer having a polyacrylic acid backbone and hydrophobic side chains.

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This invention concerns an ink composition for thermal ink-jet printing consisting of an aqueous solution, a co-solvent, a dye, a pH regulator, a viscosity modifier, a biocide and a mixture of three non-ionic surface-active agents, one of which is diethylene glycol mono-hexyl ether and the other two ...