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A ripple bed has an upper and a lower inflatable layer. The upper layer has separate air passages which are independently inflatable and deflatable to provide the rippling effect. The lower layer is separately inflatable to provide support over any area of the upper layer which is deflated.

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A side-cutting atherectomy catheter with a housing containing a tissue-removal means, a window on one side, and a large volume inflatable support on the opposite side. The large volume inflatable support has a maximum diameter larger than the diameter of the cutter housing, generating a greater degr ...

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An inflatable support is made of a vapour permeable material capable of sustaining an inflated state for significant periods without replenishment so as to provide good pressure distribution whilst allowing breathing to prevent sweating.

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A portable pneumatic orthopedic body support device for selectively supporting body and torso areas of a user being seated atop a chair or seat. The device includes individual inflatable independent body and torso supports or chambers for legs, lumbar, shoulder blade and neck areas. These supports a ...

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A stretcher for transporting injured and other persons is provided utilizing a conventional board which has been modified by forming valve stem bores and a pair of depressions therein for receiving inflatable supports. The supports are formed from flexible fluid-impermeable materials such as suitabl ...

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A posture supporting device for supporting a person lying on said device in water or on land in a manner to minimize postural strain comprises an inflatable mattress having attached thereto an inflatable lumbar elevation cushion. The cushion elevates a person's lumbo-sacral region sufficiently to mi ...

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A device for protecting against a side impact in a motor vehicle has a gas cushion which in the undeployed state is arranged in the trim of a vehicle door and in the inflated state extends beyond the lower edge of the window of the door, whereby the gas cushion is supported by at least two inflatabl ...


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A garment for enhancing the natural shape and size of a wearer's breasts includes left and right breast supporting cups with inflatable portions designed to direct the inflation inwardly toward a wearer's breasts while restricting expansion of the inflatable portions in an outward directio ...