Jaw Link, Yu tsung Wang, George Mink, Hoang Tran Van, Yi hua He: Data-centric monitoring method. The Halvorson Law Firm, February 24, 2009: US07496798 (16 worldwide citation)

Health management of machines and/or equipment, such as gas turbine engines, airplanes, and industrial equipment using a model centric method.

Sheldon E Young: Equipment mounting and monitoring system. Vibro Dynamics Corporation, E Manning Giles, January 23, 1979: US04135392 (16 worldwide citation)

A system of vibration-absorbing, height-adjustable, force-sensing components, adapted to be incorporated in support members of a unit of industrial equipment to enable precise alignment and balancing of such equipment, to minimize noise generated thereby and to achieve greater precision and efficien ...

Bradley R Boyer: Industrial controller event logging. Paragon Technical Services, Brooks Kushman P C, November 22, 2005: US06968292 (15 worldwide citation)

Industrial equipment is monitored by at least one industrial controller assigned to each group of industrial equipment. Queues are established by logic within one of the industrial controllers for each group. Each queue holds a number of event records. Logic is established in each industrial control ...

Frederick S Cannon, Frederick R Brant: Aqueous-based cleaner for the removal of residue. The Penn State Research Foundation, Thomas J Monahan, March 10, 1998: US05725678 (15 worldwide citation)

A new aqueous-based process for cleaning organic residues from industrial equipment, reactor vessels, pipelines, valves, manufactured products, industrial components, and appurtenances. The invention employs hydrogen peroxide, and can be aided by iron and/or other catalysts or enhancers. The process ...

Tanaka Yuji, Fujita Yukihisa, Takayama Eiji, Sato Koichi: Hydraulic turbine integrated with generator and pump integrated with motor. Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems, September 15, 2005: JP2005-248822 (15 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce rotational vibration of a small size hydraulic power generation device integrated with a generator and a hydraulic turbine capable of applying flow rate and head rate in existing familiar living environment to various unused hydraulic power resources and to improve re ...

Roger S Cann, Richard M Ostin: Electrostatic spray coating system. Behr Industrial Equipment, Reising Ethington Barnard Perry & Milton, May 14, 1991: US05014645 (14 worldwide citation)

In an electrostatic spray coating apparatus (10), liquid coating material is applied to a workpart inside of a spray booth (12). Alternating flows of liquid coating material, liquid solvent and air are conducted through various internal flow passages in a conduit (14) inside the spray booth. An elec ...

Pat A Mestetsky, Robert E Davis: Method of cleaning using a foamed liquid. United Laboratories, Andrus Sceales Starke & Sawall, October 31, 1995: US05462607 (14 worldwide citation)

A method of cleaning industrial equipment by utilizing an ebullated aqueous solution containing a surfactant and enzymes. The aqueous solution is preferably heated in a vessel, such as a batch coker fractionator in an oil refinery, to a temperature sufficient to ebullate or foam the solution and gen ...

Iwamichi Yoshinao, Endo Tsunehiro, Sakamoto Kiyoshi, Okubo Tomofumi: Drive controller for synchronous motor. Hitachi, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems, February 12, 2004: JP2004-048886 (14 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a drive controller for a synchronous motor which can materialize the control property of high torque and high performance in a wide speed range from stop state to high-speed zone.SOLUTION: This device is equipped with a first control system (V/F constant control syst ...

Yoshiaki Tanaka, Mitsuhiro Nishida, Toshio Sugiyama, Hiroyuki Kobayashi: At-cut crystal resonator. Toyo Communication Equipment, Koda & Androlia, September 5, 2000: US06114801 (13 worldwide citation)

In an AT-cut quartz resonator having excitation electrodes formed on two principal surfaces of an AT-cut quartz substrate, the two electrodes are displaced a predetermined amount apart in a direction orthogonal to the X-axis direction so that a frequency deviation in a temperature range of from -10. ...

Ali Saberi, James Robert Gilbert, Kevin Lay: Remote monitoring and control system comprising mesh and time synchronization technology. LiveMeters, Ditthavong & Steiner P C, September 23, 2014: US08843241 (13 worldwide citation)

A remote monitoring and control system comprising synchronized wireless MESH technology for remote monitoring and control of utility grids (e.g., utility meters), commodity distribution networks, industrial equipment, and infrastructure including remote disconnection/connection and self-generating p ...

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