Gardner Tommy R, Lasater Reginald M, Knox John A: SCALE REMOVAL COMPOSITION AND METHOD USING SALT OF DIGLYCOLIC ACID AND BASE AT pH ABOVE 5. Halliburton Company, February 1, 1972: US3639279 (19 worldwide citation)

Methods and compositions for removing scale from surfaces, particularly from subsurface and surface equipment associated with oil and gas wells, and industrial equipment such as heat exchangers, condensers, boilers and the like. The scale to be removed is dissolved in aqueous basic solutions of digl ...

Frank V Mingrone: Fire suppression systems. Mattern Ware Stoltz & Fressola, June 25, 1985: US04524835 (18 worldwide citation)

Fire suppression piping systems for delivering prescribed quantities of chemical powder propelled by compressed gas, such as dry nitrogen to extinguish fires occurring in commercial and industrial equipment, i.e. open tanks of flammable liquids, machinery handling flammable materials, pumping statio ...

Akio Terai, Takashi Miyauchigo, Hiroshi Ota: Gripping device with interdigitating, articulate fingers. Kabushiki Kaisha Komatsu Seisakusho, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein & Kubovcik, June 5, 1984: US04452479 (18 worldwide citation)

A grip attachment to an implement arm of construction or industrial equipment via a swivel coupling comprises three interdigitating, articulate fingers, two pivotable about a first axis and the other pivotable about a second axis parallel to the first. Each finger consists of a first segment pivotab ...

Yallourakis Michael D: Perfluorocarbon copolymer powders and preparation by spray drying. E I du Pont de Nemours and Company, February 4, 1975: US3864322 (18 worldwide citation)

The perfluorocarbon polymer powder coating composition consists essentially of spherical particles about 1 to 75 microns in diameter of an agglomerate of submicron particles of the perfluorocarbon polymer; the perfluorocarbon polymer preferably is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropro ...

Harold R White, Alex J Doncer: Air flotation clarifier. Alar Engineering Corporation, Hill Van Santen Steadman & Simpson, July 21, 1987: US04681682 (17 worldwide citation)

A clarifier is provided with an elongated settling tank having an inlet at one end, an outlet at the opposite end, a generator producing air saturated liquid released near the inlet end of the tank to float lighter sludge to the top of the tank, suction heads removing settled out heavier sludge from ...

Kinya Nakatsu, Naoki Takata, Masayuki Hirota, Satoshi Ibori, Tomoya Kamezawa: Electric circuit module. Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems, McDermott Will & Emery, April 17, 2007: US07206204 (17 worldwide citation)

An electric circuit module comprising: an electric device comprising an electric circuit to serve for passage and interruption of electric current, a packing material packing the electric circuit and a plurality of wiring members to electrically connect the electric circuit with an external circuit; ...

Jack R Bohn, Teh Hwei Lee, Allen J Bronowicki: Fiber reinforced viscoelastic material composites for passive damping. TRW, Michael S Yatsko, June 29, 1999: US05916954 (17 worldwide citation)

A coating composition and method are disclosed for reducing vibration and noise when applied to a structure such as in transportation and industrial equipment systems. The coating composition of the present invention includes a viscoelastic material with discrete stiff fibers suspended therewithin. ...

Scott A Beale, Warren R Hartwell, Paul E Bartley: Non-stick food processing, domestic and industrial equipment and process of using same. WRH, Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti P C, September 28, 2004: US06797223 (17 worldwide citation)

Non-stick mold, tool or apparatus is used to convert a liquid or semi-solid material to an end product after the application of a predetermined temperature for a predetermined time. The non-stick mold, tool or apparatus includes a planar portion having at least one cavity. The cavity defined by a si ...

Larry D Martin, Paul S Brown: Methods and cleaning compositions for removing organic materials from metallic surfaces. Halliburton Company, Thomas R Weaver, Edward F Sherer, September 3, 1985: US04539134 (16 worldwide citation)

Methods and cleaning compositions are provided for more effectively removing oil, grease, paint, varnish and other organic coatings from metallic surfaces in industrial equipment, oil well tubular goods and the like. The metallic surfaces are contacted with a cleaning composition comprised of an aqu ...

Jaw Link, Yu tsung Wang, George Mink, Hoang Tran Van, Yi hua He: Data-centric monitoring method. The Halvorson Law Firm, February 24, 2009: US07496798 (16 worldwide citation)

Health management of machines and/or equipment, such as gas turbine engines, airplanes, and industrial equipment using a model centric method.

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