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The present invention relates to a pump module (14) for a powered air purifying respirator assembly including a facepiece (1) and a filter canister (32). The pump module (14) comprises a housing (15) having an air inlet (16) and an air outlet (17) and containing a fan (22) and motor (24). The pump m ...

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A respirator, and particularly to the type of respirator called a filtering face piece is made from a flat pocket of filtering material of generally frustoconical shape having an open edge 4 at the larger end of the frusto-cone and a closed end at the smaller end of the frusto-cone, and the closed e ...

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362,573. Respirators. KOCH, E., 2, Lambertstrasse, Essen, Germany. Sept. 30, 1930, No. 29334. [Class 81 (ii).] In a closed cycle respiration apparatus having either an oxygen cylinder, o r a chemical c a r t - ridge developing oxygen, a cut-off device is p r o - vided for the respiration c i r - cui ...

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127,124. Armstrong, Whitworth, & Co., Sir W. G., and Rayner, H. S. June 13, 1918. Respiratory appliances. - A flexible breast-piece 1 worn under the coat &c. is provided with a fairly rigid upstanding collar 2 carrying a slotted pipe 6 to which air or oxygen is supplied. A flexible sleeve 3 is secur ...

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[en] 9584. Dight, C. F. April 26. Drawings to Specification. Hats fitted with respirators.-The nose-cap of a respirator is connected by a tube with a heatretaining chamber supported in hat by an arched strip attached to a flexible band held by the sweatband,

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[en] 838. Brookes, A. G., [Craig, D.]. Jan. 16. Washers.-Air washers of the liquid - seal or bubble type, for use with respirators, consist of an outer casing 1, Figs. 4 and 5, provided with an air inlet 2 and an outlet 3. Within the casing is arranged a receptacle 4 provided with trunnions 5 and 6, ...