Janez Funda, David Aruthur LaRose, Russell Highsmith Taylor: System and method for augmentation of endoscopic surgery. International Business Machines Corporation, Louis J Percello, March 13, 2001: US06201984 (203 worldwide citation)

The present method and apparatus use image processing to determine information about the position of a designated object. The invention is particularly useful in applications where the object is difficult to view or locate. In particular, the invention is used in endoscopic surgery to determine posi ...

David M Pfeiffer, David T Stoner, John P Norsworthy, Dwight D Dipert, Jay A Thompson, James A Fontaine, Michael K Corry: High speed image processing system using separate data processor and address generator. Visual Information Technologies, Baker & Botts, January 15, 1991: US04985848 (200 worldwide citation)

An image processor having an image algorithm processor (66) operating under control of a writable control store (94), and a number of parallel image processors (72) operating under control of instruction words from a writable control store (100). An image memory controller (68) receives memory addre ...

Shuichi Kumada, Manabu Ohga: Image processing method and apparatus. Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto, October 1, 2002: US06459436 (199 worldwide citation)

When gamut mapping (hue restoration) defined by one Lab color space is applied in color matching under different reference white points, human vision perceives the hue as inconsistent. In view of this, input data which is dependent on a color space of an input device is converted by a first conversi ...

Masahiro Konishi, Makoto Tsugita, Masafumi Inuiya, Kazuyuki Masukane: Video camera, imaging method using video camera, method of operating video camera, image processing apparatus and method, and solid-state electronic imaging device. Fuji Photo Film, May 30, 1995: US05420635 (197 worldwide citation)

A suitable image is obtained of a subject in which the difference in luminance between a bright area and a dark area is very large. The dark area is properly exposed and first image data is obtained. The bright area is properly exposed, and second image data is obtained. The first image data pertain ...

Kazuaki Takano, Tatsuhiko Monzi, Yasunari Tanaka, Eiryoh Ondoh, Makoto Shioya: Imaging system for a vehicle which compares a reference image which includes a mark which is fixed to said vehicle to subsequent images. Hitachi, Antonelli Terry Stout & Kraus, December 15, 1998: US05850254 (193 worldwide citation)

An environment recognition device formed in such a manner that an image sensor is installed so that an image sensor mounting location recognition mark falls within an image pickup area, comparator for comparing mark locations the images of which are picked up sequentially by the image sensor with re ...

Hiroshi Saito: Image processing system and method for processing documents in accordance with a job control sheet. Fuji Xerox Corporation, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett and Dunner, November 3, 1992: US05161037 (192 worldwide citation)

An image processing system in which input image information that is read from a document original is sujected to image processing on the basis of machine operating instruction information that is defined by a job control sheet, to obtain output image information. Machine operating instruction inform ...

Guenter Abersfelder, Helmut Grantz, Wolfgang Odebrecht: System for monitoring the front or rear parking space of a motor vehicle. Mercedes Benz, Evenson McKeown Edwards & Lenahan P L L C, July 8, 1997: US05646614 (191 worldwide citation)

A system for monitoring the rear or front space of a motor vehicle being parked is provided. The system is based on a video camera having an image sharpness control, which can follow an object once detected, in terms of its sharpness, with the camera's autofocus over the whole search field, for exam ...

Yong Yan: System and method for biometrics-based facial feature extraction. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, February 25, 2003: US06526161 (191 worldwide citation)

A method and image processing system are disclosed that extract facial feature information from an image using biometrics information of a face. Regions of interests such as a face, eyes, nose and mouth are defined in the image. A combination of disparity mapping, edge detection and filtering are th ...

Mark Peter Heilbrun, Paul McDonald, J Clayton Wiker, Spencer Koehler, William Peters: Apparatus and method for photogrammetric surgical localization. University of Utah Research Foundation, Trask Britt & Rossa, November 17, 1998: US05836954 (189 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for defining the location of a medical instrument relative to features of a medical workspace including a patient's body region are described. Pairs of two-dimensional images are obtained, preferably by means of two video cameras making images of the workspace along different ...

Mark R Rutenberg: Neural network based automated cytological specimen classification system and method. Nueromedical Systems, Renner Otto Boisselle & Sklar, October 23, 1990: US04965725 (188 worldwide citation)

An automated screening system and method for cytological specimen classification in which a neural network is utilized in performance of the classification function. Also included is an automated microscope and associated image processing circuitry.

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