Yingya ZHOU
Gao Jun, Zhou Yingya: Novel illumination device. Qibao Middle School Of Shanghai, song hu, February 18, 2009: CN200710044942

A novel lighting lamp main circuit parts comprises electric bridge constituted by four diodes, a capacitance, two triode and three electric resistances. The electric bridge converts alternating current as pulse direct current, capacitance stores and releases electric energy for delaying current for ...

Holger Vogt, Heinz Kuck, Gunther Hess, Andreas Gehner: Illumination device. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Forderung der angewandten Forschung e V, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, March 22, 1994: US05296891 (520 worldwide citation)

The illumination device (1) proposed is designed to produce models (6), or for the direct illumination of electronic elements, and includes a light source (2) and a pattern generator (3).

John P Measamer, Frederick E Shelton IV, Chester O Baxter III, Richard P Fuchs, Nicholas G Molitor, Bennie Thompson, Mark Tsonton: Surgical stapling instrument with apparatus for providing anvil position feedback. Ethicon Endo Surgery, April 5, 2011: US07918377 (343 worldwide citation)

Circular stapling instruments for cutting and applying one or more surgical staples to tissue are disclosed. The instruments include various forms of feedback systems designed to provide at least one mode of feedback to the surgeon when the anvil has been attached to the device and/or when the anvil ...

Larry E Miller: Illumination device for exterior mirror. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, May 8, 2001: US06227689 (313 worldwide citation)

An illumination device for an exterior rearview mirror of a vehicle comprises a bulb holder which comprises a pair of stamped terminals and a housing which is preferably injection molded about the stamped terminals. One end of the stamped terminals provides for connection to a light bulb or other il ...

Kevin J Dowling, George G Mueller, Ihor A Lys: Systems and methods for color changing device and enclosure. Color Kinetics Incorporated, Lowrie Lando & Anastasi, May 3, 2005: US06888322 (308 worldwide citation)

A color-changing device which includes an enclosure at least a portion of which is material which is desired to change color. There is also included an illumination device, such as an LED or collection of LEDs which can illuminate the material. There can also be included a controller which can take ...

Gregory W Schmidt: Illumination device using pulse width modulation of a LED. Fish & Richardson P C, February 22, 2000: US06028694 (194 worldwide citation)

An illumination device utilizing a pulse modulation technique of a solid state light source to provide increased light output for a given heat load. In a preferred embodiment, power is supplied in pulses to periodically activate a short wavelength (i.e., blue) emitting LED, which in turn stimulates ...

George R Hulse: Illumination device for simulating neon or similar lighting in various colors. iLight Technologies, Stites & Harbison PLLC, David W Nagle Jr, Jeffrey A Haeberlin, September 4, 2007: US07264367 (194 worldwide citation)

An illumination device has a light source, a waveguide, and a light-transmitting medium. The light source emits light of a first color. The waveguide has both optical waveguide and light scattering properties. The light-transmitting medium is composed of a matrix of substantially translucent materia ...

George R Hulse: Illumination device for simulating neon or similar lighting using phosphorescent dye. iLight Technologies, Stites & Harbison PLLC, David W Nagle Jr, Jeffrey A Haeberlin, September 4, 2007: US07264366 (191 worldwide citation)

An illumination device simulates neon lighting using a light source for emitting light of a predetermined first hue and a light-transmitting medium having a predetermined density of phosphorescent dye positioned adjacent to the light source. The phosphorescent dye will absorb light emitted by the li ...

Michael V Leman: Retractable keyboard illumination device. Micron Electronics, Trop Pruner & Hu P C, December 19, 2000: US06161944 (186 worldwide citation)

A computer system may include a retractable illumination device to illuminate a keyboard in a dimly lit environment. The illumination device may be located proximal to the keyboard or on a display. The illumination device may be activated by raising it to a position above the keyboard or by exposing ...

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This invention provides a system and method for positioning, manipulating, holding, grasping, immobilizing and/or stabilizing a heart including one or more tissue-engaging devices, one or more suction sources, one or more fluid sources, one or more energy sources, one or more sensors and one or more ...