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An interior illuminating apparatus for a vehicle includes an interior rear-view minor which is connected and fixed to an interior ceiling of the vehicle for observing the rear. An LED is provided in a vicinity of the interior rear-view mirror at a forward position in a traveling direction of the veh ...

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Light emitted from a white LED 15 is converted by a lens 11 into light having an excellent directionality. The light illuminates a display panel 863 from the direction of an angle θk. The display panel 863 is a polymer dispersed liquid crystal display panel in a normally white mode. The display pane ...

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A surface illuminating apparatus in which a plurality of transparent plates of different spot patterns formed of a large number of fine spots painted or printed at one side are layered in the relation that spotted surfaces having the painted or printed spots are not opposite to each other, thereby f ...

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A method of forming a wiring of a light emitting device having an electrode on a light emission surface is disclosed. The method includes: forming the electrode nearly in a linear shape in which the width is narrower than the light emission surface; and forming a wiring that is connected to the elec ...

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In the spread illuminating apparatus in which the light emitted from the light emitting diode

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The present invention is directed to an LED lamp and method of using one or more lamps, and portable lighting products such as flashlights using such LED lamp(s). The LED lamp according to the invention provides uniformly distributed light that radiates spherically approximately 270° in all directio ...

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A line scanning, illuminating apparatus for use in an electrophotocopying machine. The apparatus includes a linear source of light, a hyperbolic reflector situated behind the linear light source, and a cylindrical lens located in front of the linear light source. The profile of the reflector is give ...