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A hydrosilylation catalyst is provided wherein a platinum catalyst is enclosed in a heat-fusible compound having a melting point of 40-200.degree. C. and containing an aliphatic unsaturated bond, carbonyl, carboxyl or thioether radical in a molecule. The catalyst is blended in organo-polysiloxane to ...

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Organosilicon compounds having Si-bonded hydrogen atoms are reacted with organic compounds having aliphatic multiple bonds in the presence of triazene oxide-transition metal complexes. The triazene oxide-transition metal complexes are activated by heating at temperatures of from 50.degree. C. to 250 ...

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The present invention provides microencapsulated hydrosilylation catalysts for one-part heat curable organosiloxane compositions. Compositions containing these exhibit long-term storage stability yet cure rapidly when heated above the melting point of the encapsulating polymer. At least a portion of ...

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Disclosed herein are manganese, iron, cobalt, or nickel complexes containing terdentate pyridine diimine ligands and their use as efficient and selective hydrosilylation catalysts.

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Binuclear platinum or palladium complexes having the general formulae: where X is H, a silyl group, an alkyl group, a germyl group, an aryl group, a vinyl group, a halogen, or a pseudohalogen, and L is a TT-acceptor ligand, and methods of effecting hydrosilylation and hydrogermylation using such com ...

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Organopolysiloxanes of formula (I) are claimed, in which R = aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbyl; R = -CH2CH2O(CRR)xOH; R, R = H or optionally branched 12C alkyl; x = 2-11; R = R or R; a = 1-50; b = 0-500. Also claimed is (i) a process for the production of (I) by reacting corresponding hydrogen-funct ...

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Inclusion compounds of a cyclodextrin, such as .beta.-cyclodextrin, and a palladium halide-diene complex, such as a complex of PdCl.sub.2 and 1,5-cyclooctadiene have been found to be effective hydrosilylation catalysts. One part heat curable organopolysiloxane compositions are also provided.


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Transition metal-containing organosiloxanes of at least three organosiloxane units, comprising at least one transition metal complex, chemically bonded via ligands selected from among amino, phosphino or sulfido groups of Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Os or Ir, excluding those organosiloxanes which contain exclus ...

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Transition-metal-containing organosiloxanes comprising at least three organosiloxane units containing at least one transition-metal complex of Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Os or Ir chemically bonded via ligands selected from amino, phosphino, and sulphido groups, with the exception of organosiloxanes containing ...