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The dam has electrical energy producing modules (1) with trapezoidal section having tubular shape. Each module has a turbo alternator (14), a water inlet strainer (15), a stop valve (16), channels (6a, 6b, 9) that assures circulation of water towards the front after traversing a turbine, and an elec ...

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A hydroelectric power generator equipment includes a hydraulic turbine which has a runner with blades adjustable of opening thereof and a hollow turbine shaft mounting thereon the runner, a power generator having a hollow shaft connected to the turbine shaft, a hydraulic cylinder mounted on the runn ...

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A hydroelectric power system is provided. The hydroelectric power system includes a storage tank; a fluid; a penstock; an electric turbine generator, a transformer, an electric power grid system; a pump, and connecting conduit. A method of generating hydroelectric energy is also provided.

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A hydroelectric power-generating apparatus comprising: (1) a fluid inlet, (2) a diffuser having (a) at least one vane supporting a diffuser hub and (b) a rotor rotatably supported by the diffuser hub and having (i) impeller blades, (ii) an impeller hub, and (iii) a shroud at the periphery of the rot ...

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A floating power generation plant (10) having a floating vessel (12) having a body (14) including first and second hulls (16, 18) arranged parallel to each other providing a channel (20) therebetween. The plant (10) has a turbine (22) located substantially centrally along the channel (20). Any porti ...

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The field windings of large generators of hydroelectric power stations which are continuously connected to a three-phase system and are designed to produce large capacitive powers, are fed from a "positive" main static converter, designed for 8 kA, via a field circuit. An anti-parallel "negative" au ...

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To increase the effective head of a dam of predetermined height and thereby increasing hydroelectric power generation, the generator driving turbine means is placed in a pit substantially below the bed level of the tailwater. Water discharged from the turbine means is utilized to operate hydraulic r ...

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A hydroelectric power system includes a plurality of paddle wheels, a plurality of electrical generators, a pumping system and a support structure. The support structure includes a water reservoir and at least one water channel contained in an inclined surface. The pumping system includes a pluralit ...

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Devices such as vehicles, remote sensors, and so forth consume energy during operation. Described herein are systems, devices, and methods for transferring energy from an uncrewed autonomous vehicle to a vehicle such as a car. The uncrewed autonomous vehicle may locate the vehicle at a rendezvous lo ...

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A large volume pumping method and apparatus comprising an economical thermal-gravity pumping system which is non-polluting, and employs relatively free and limitless, generally available, sources of energy input. The invention is particularly useful in pumping water into a tank reservoir for the ult ...