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A hydroelectric power system is provided. The hydroelectric power system includes a storage tank; a fluid; a penstock; an electric turbine generator, a transformer, an electric power grid system; a pump, and connecting conduit. A method of generating hydroelectric energy is also provided.

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A turbine for a hydroelectric power plant intended to equip a water stream at the level of a very low head lower than 10 meters, and preferably from 1 to 5 meters, comprising a helix-shaped wheel, the ratio between the kinetic energy of the water flow coming out of the wheel and the potential energy ...

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A floating power generation plant (10) having a floating vessel (12) having a body (14) including first and second hulls (16, 18) arranged parallel to each other providing a channel (20) therebetween. The plant (10) has a turbine (22) located substantially centrally along the channel (20). Any porti ...

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The field windings of large generators of hydroelectric power stations which are continuously connected to a three-phase system and are designed to produce large capacitive powers, are fed from a "positive" main static converter, designed for 8 kA, via a field circuit. An anti-parallel "negative" au ...

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To increase the effective head of a dam of predetermined height and thereby increasing hydroelectric power generation, the generator driving turbine means is placed in a pit substantially below the bed level of the tailwater. Water discharged from the turbine means is utilized to operate hydraulic r ...

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A hydroelectric power system includes a plurality of paddle wheels, a plurality of electrical generators, a pumping system and a support structure. The support structure includes a water reservoir and at least one water channel contained in an inclined surface. The pumping system includes a pluralit ...

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Devices such as vehicles, remote sensors, and so forth consume energy during operation. Described herein are systems, devices, and methods for transferring energy from an uncrewed autonomous vehicle to a vehicle such as a car. The uncrewed autonomous vehicle may locate the vehicle at a rendezvous lo ...

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A large volume pumping method and apparatus comprising an economical thermal-gravity pumping system which is non-polluting, and employs relatively free and limitless, generally available, sources of energy input. The invention is particularly useful in pumping water into a tank reservoir for the ult ...

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Method of mounting a monobloc hydroelectric unit with horizontal axis, such as bulb unit 1 in a hydroelectric power station. It consists in transporting and installing on the sites the monobloc assembly 1, 7, 8 which was previously factory-assemblied and which comprises the unit 1, its front guide v ...

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Approaches for controlling power supplied to an electric grid are disclosed. In embodiments, methods and systems control power supplied to an electric grid using an energy storage device. In an embodiment, a method receives an indication of power to be supplied to the electric grid, generates power ...