Runkle Mark Andrew: Asynchronous conversion method esp. for variable speed hydroelectric turbine.. Gen Electric, April 30, 1998: FR2755319-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

A hydroelectric power generation system (20) feeds electrical utility system (72). A controller (42) obtains signal from water head transducer (25) and requested electrical output power from hydro-turbine (70) to regulate the speed of an asynchronous rotary converter (50) coupled to the hydro-turbin ...

William Sheridan Fielder: Buoyant rotor. March 25, 2008: US07348686 (5 worldwide citation)

A buoyancy means and apparatus for reducing friction in rotational devices, particularly electric generators and or turbines. This feature is critical in hydroelectric power plants and ocean energy projects where the rotating weights are significant. Flotation devices are affixed to rotational devic ...

S Massoud Azizi, Kourosh Kia Azizi: System for buoyancy power generation. Beaumont Gitlin Tashjian, Larry F Gitlin, September 27, 2011: US08024927 (5 worldwide citation)

An apparatus comprising the use of at least two or more vertically disposed tubular structures with each tube filled with water, and having a nozzle-like conduit at one end. Inside each tube is a sealed cylinder or float for containing either gas or water. When gas is introduced into the float posit ...

Kenneth T Millard: Fish passage apparatus with hydroelectric power generator and method. Joseph Z Ellsworth, September 6, 2011: US08011854 (5 worldwide citation)

An improved fish passage apparatus is combined with hydroelectric power generation to facilitate migration of fish between water bodies of different heights with minimal injury or trauma to fish. It may also be optimized for power generation when fish are not moving through it. The fish passage appa ...

Pierre Cros: Hydroelectric power station. Spie Batignolles, Young & Thompson, July 14, 1981: US04278895 (5 worldwide citation)

In a low-head hydroelectric power station, a turbine runner is mounted within the hub of a convergent-divergent draft tube at the base of a dam. At least one turbine is coupled to one or more electric generators housed within a casing which is totally submerged within the upstream pool. The distance ...

NORDMANN THOMAS: [fr] Agencement photovoltaïque flottant, [de] Schwimmende Photovoltaik-Anordnung, [en] Floating photovoltaic unit. TNC CONSULTING, March 23, 2011: EP2299499-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

[en] The photovoltaic arrangement (1) has a floating body designed as water noodles and/or sea snakes that are arranged parallel to each other, where the photovoltaic arrangement is connected with a hydroelectric power plant (6) for supplying photovoltaically generated electricity into an electricit ...

Wilfred J Casebow: Apparatus for generating electrical power. Cahill Sutton & Thomas, March 11, 1980: US04192627 (5 worldwide citation)

A continuous water flow from selected ones of a plurality of reservoirs passes through turbines or the like within an hydroelectric power station to produce electrical power. The reservoirs are cyclically filled and evacuated through the power station by operation of a plurality of gates interconnec ...

Charles Pelin: Closed system, standpipe operated hydroelectric power plant. Christopher Duffy, February 28, 1978: US04075838 (5 worldwide citation)

A power plant of the type disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 3,991,563 is housed in a pressure chamber filled with a body of water having a standpipe relatively upstanding thereabove to pressurize the water.

Ledner Albert C: Thermal-gravity fluid pumping method and apparatus. Semmes J Gibson, February 5, 1974: US3790305 (5 worldwide citation)

A large volume pumping method and apparatus comprising an economical thermal-gravity pumping system which is non-polluting, and employs relatively free and limitless, generally available, sources of energy input. The invention is particularly useful in pumping water into a tank reservoir for the ult ...

Hussein Ibrahim Ibrahim: Water wheel. Hussein Ibrahim Ibrahim, October 15, 2008: EP1980745-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a hydroelectric power plant, comprising: (a) a chain system (12) having - at least a first chain (22.1), - a second chain (22.2), and - at least two wheels engaged with the first chain (22.1) and the second chain (22.2), (b) a plurality of water containers (14) attached to t ...

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