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A hydroelectric power installation utilizes an array of turbine generators which are assembled at an elevated position above water and are moved as a unit to a submerged, operating position at the entrance of a discharge conduit. The assembled turbine generators and draft tubes are lowered to the su ...

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A small-scale hydroelectric generator has a micro-hydro axial-flow turbine mounted in a lower end of a penstock, preferrably of the siphon type, through which water is diverted from an intake basin. The turbine comprises a stator section formed with an axial core providing an annular passageway havi ...

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In a control system for a hydroelectric power station system including upper and lower water reservoirs connected through a water channel, an intermediate water reservoir having a smaller storage capacity than those of the upper and lower reservoirs and provided on the water channel in cascade with ...

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An electric power generating arrangement includes a container which is situated below the upper level of a body of water and has an inlet and an outlet. Water from the body of water is admitted into the receiving space bounded by the container through the inlet and drives a turbine, while water is b ...

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A mini hydroelectric power plant is provided that utilizes a water driven turbine to drive an electric generator for producing electricity. Flowing water is collected from the turbine and pumped back to a reservoir to be used again for driving the turbine.

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A system for containing oil in a containment tank received from a transformer bank for a hydroelectric power generating station. A capacitance proximity sensor is mounted at a predetermined height within the tank and is operative to sense the passage of an oil/water interface in close proximity to t ...

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A new hydraulic turbine assembly for deriving extra energy out of a conventional hydroelectric power generating system by incorporating a second turbine generator at the inlet from the reservoir. The inventive device includes a vertical water inlet pipe being extended into the water reservoir of a d ...

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A renewable energy power generating plant is disclosed. It uses the renewable energy of fluids according to Archmedes Principale. It includes a liquid-filled pool, an endless chain looping around lower and upper cogwheels, containers attached to chain links receiving compressed air in the bottom of ...

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One aspect of the present invention concerns a generator for a hydroelectric power station, having a stator and a rotatably mounted rotor, and first vanes which act on the rotor and which cause rotation of the rotor. In order for the generator to be of a smaller structural size the stator is mounted ...

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A modular hydroelectric power plant which converts energy of water flowing in a stream into electric power. The plant comprises a plurality of modules which are removably mounted on piers embedded in a river or stream bed. Each module comprises a turbine over which water flows to rotate the turbine, ...