Timothy Michael Toal Sr: Hydroelectric power system. Michael I Kroll, April 18, 2000: US06051892 (33 worldwide citation)

A micro hydroelectric power conversion system for supplying power to and driving an electrical system. The system includes first and second storage tanks each including a base side and a top side and positioned in a stacked relationship with each other such that the top side of the second storage ta ...

Tsuneo Ueda: Electric power generation equipment incorporating bulb turbine-generator. Fuji Electric, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak and Seas, September 15, 1981: US04289971 (32 worldwide citation)

A hydroelectric power generator having a bulb turbine generator housed in a bulb shaped inner casing. The turbine runner of the generator is connected to a main shaft of the electric power generator. The outer casing is coupled to the inner casing by stay vanes. A draft tube is coupled to the downst ...

Yukinobu Yumita, Toshifumi Tsuruta: Small-sized hydroelectric power generating apparatus. Kabushiki Kaisha Sankyo Seiki Seisakusho, Sughrue Mion PLLC, May 6, 2003: US06559553 (32 worldwide citation)

A small-sized hydroelectric power generating apparatus includes a body case having a fluid passage, a water wheel provided at the above fluid passage and rotating with passing of the fluid having the predetermined flowing amount, a rotator coupled to this water wheel, and rotating with the water whe ...

Suresh K Bhate: Parallel DC power sources with different characteristics. Inverters Unlimited, Schmeiser Olsen & Watts, June 24, 2003: US06583523 (32 worldwide citation)

A method and structure for electric power management that economically satisfies peak power demand and immediately satisfies a sudden substantial increase in power demand. An electric power management system comprises a first circuit element in parallel with a second circuit element, and a load in p ...

Leonard Leroux Stewart: Method of combining waste water treatment and power generation technologies. William C Milks III, April 17, 2001: US06216463 (28 worldwide citation)

Applicant's preferred embodiment utilizes municipal waste water effluent to replenish a depleted geothermal field. Condensate produced by expanding steam produced in the geothermal field through a steam turbine-generator is pooled with cooked water collected from the field, and then directed th ...

Darwin Aldis Salls: Hydrokinetic generator. October 29, 2002: US06472768 (24 worldwide citation)

An improved method and means for transforming kinetic energy into mechanical energy to generate hydroelectric power. A submersible scoop-like composite structure (

Mark A Runkle, Donald Gordon McLaren, Glenn Henry Ardley, Einar V Larsen, Konrad Weeber: Asynchronous conversion method and apparatus for use with variable speed turbine hydroelectric generation. General Electric Co, Nixon & Vanderhye, April 21, 1998: US05742515 (23 worldwide citation)

A hydroelectric power generation system (20) generates electrical power for an electrical utilization system (72). A controller (42) obtains a requested output electrical power level from a hydro-turbine unit (70) by using a signal indicative of water head (h.sub.meas) to control speed of an asynchr ...

Neil E Hess: Turbine array. Voith Hydro, Foley & Lardner, October 20, 1998: US05825094 (22 worldwide citation)

A hydroelectric power generating module comprises an upper housing section and a lower base section connected to the upper housing. The upper housing has a plurality of generators situated therewithin, and the lower base has a plurality of water flow paths extending therethrough. Each water flow pat ...

Henry K Obermeyer, Thomas Dum, Wolfgang Sambs: Hydroelectric installation and method of constructing same. Syndicated Technologies, VA Tech Hydro & Co, August 28, 2001: US06281597 (21 worldwide citation)

A hydroelectric power installation including a pre-existing gated spillway with upstream bulkhead slots and bulkhead service crane and hydroelectric generating modules configured to fit the existing upstream bulkhead slots. Each module including a plurality of turbines, generators, and associated sw ...

Kenneth R Broome: Apparatus for the generation of hydroelectric power and method of manufacturing and installing same. Williams and Broome, Weiser & Stapler, September 10, 1985: US04540313 (21 worldwide citation)

A hydroelectric power generating plant includes separate intake and power generating barges spanning a dam, and a penstock attached to and between the barges to enable fluid communication over the dam and between the barges. In constructing the power generating plant, the barges are constructed remo ...

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