Tantlinger Keith W: Separable wheel units for vehiclizing container. Fruehauf Corporation, March 16, 1971: US3570694 (27 worldwide citation)

The wheel units are releasably attached to the bottom corner sockets of a shipping container which raises the container on the wheels of the units when a hydraulic ram on the unit is extended.

James A Thorup: Dual-action pneumo-hydraulic crimping apparatus. Coherent, R Russel Austin, January 17, 1995: US05381686 (26 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for crimping a terminal onto a wire includes a hydraulic cylinder including a hydraulic ram, two normally open crimper jaws closeable by the hydraulic ram, and a hydraulic pressure supply for delivering hydraulic pressure to the hydraulic cylinder to operate the hydraulic ram and close ...

Donald P Dykstra: Trash compactor. Portable Laboratories, Darbo & Vandenburgh, April 3, 1979: US04147100 (26 worldwide citation)

A small portable housing forms a trash compacting chamber in the bottom. At one side of the housing interior, above the chamber, is a space through which trash can fall to the chamber from an upper trash compacting opening. At the other side of the interior of the housing and above the chamber is th ...

Robert M Carpenter: Hydraulic wheelchair lift. Target, Chapin Neal & Dempsey, October 24, 1978: US04121695 (26 worldwide citation)

Wheelchair lift for a van-type vehicle having a pivotable frame which may be swung from within to without the vehicle, a slide frame telescopically movable relative to the swing frame and a wheelchair supporting platform carried at the lower end of the slide frame. The platform is pivotable to and f ...

Nicholls Lawrence George: Motor-cycle suspensions. Girling, Scrivener Parker Scrivener and Clarke, December 17, 1974: US3854710 (26 worldwide citation)

A suspension system for motorcycles including an air pressure operated hydraulic ram connected between the wheels and body of the motorcycle. Instead of applying air pressure from a separate source to counteract heavy loads on the motorcycle and then releasing this pressure to atmosphere after remov ...

Thomas J Dosch, Rawley McCoy, Theodore W Steele: Mobile radar tower. Sierra Research Corporation, Dowell & Dowell, January 22, 1980: US04185288 (26 worldwide citation)

A mobile tower supporting a radar antenna system including a drive system and position resolvers, the antenna system being mounted at the top of a cylindrical telescopable mast which is hinge mounted on a tripod base and is erected to a vertical operative position by an hydraulic ram which also retr ...

Normand Savard: Retractable side wing assembly. July 2, 2002: US06412200 (26 worldwide citation)

A retractable side wing assembly, adapted to be mounted on a side of a road vehicle for clearing snow off the same, includes a scraper having a frontward end pivotally secured to the side of the vehicle and a rearwardly and outwardly extending free end, a retracting member having a first end rotatab ...

Powell Jonathan S: Means for securing couplings to pipe. May 25, 1971: US3579794 (25 worldwide citation)

A means and method of constricting a coupling having internal teeth onto a pair of abutting pipe sections; the means comprising an assembly of split rings which may be secured around a pair of abutting pipe sections and a coupling having internal teeth initially slidable on the pipe sections, at lea ...

Steven D Gregory, Darin Willis: Apparatus and method for raising and supporting a building. Steven D Gregory, Warren B Kice, March 27, 1990: US04911580 (25 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for raising and supporting the foundation or slab of a building, in which a lifting arm assembly engages the lower surface of the foundation or slab and is secured thereto. A piling assembly is disposed in a support sleeve adjacent the lifting assembly and is engaged by a cla ...

Prahst Eugene D: Self-unloading vehicle. The Heil Co, Morsell Jr Arthur L, June 10, 1975: US3888366 (25 worldwide citation)

A flexible unloading belt normally covers the floor of a vehicle body such as a trailer body and extends back under a transverse roller at the rear of the trailer body. The rear end of the belt is deadended below the floor of the trailer. A drive roller set which is operated by an hydraulic ram is e ...

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