Percy Fretwell: Vehicles and vehicle lifts. Ricon, October 19, 1993: US05253973 (31 worldwide citation)

A lift for attachment to a vehicle for moving mobility-impaired passengers between lowered and raised positions for entry and exit. A platform (27) is affixed to an unequal modified parallelogram structure (20), the combination being supported on movable rails (40,41) and carried by rollers (90, 91) ...

Mathew J Pacek, Thomas E Pomerville: Selectively-retractable elevated walkway extension. Magnum Construction Company, Barnes Kisselle Raisch Choate Whittemore & Hulbert, November 29, 1988: US04787111 (31 worldwide citation)

A selectively positionable extension for an elevated walkway includes a planar ramp mounted by rollers to a frame and coupled to the frame by a selectively extensible hydraulic ram. The frame itself is supported by a second ramp for controlled vertical positioning. A pair of handrail gates are pivot ...

Daniel E Williams, Mark D Morris: Semi-active suspension system with energy saving. TRW, Tarolli Sundheim & Covell, March 24, 1992: US05098119 (31 worldwide citation)

A semi-active suspension system having a linear actuator operatively connected between a sprung mass and an unsprung mass of the vehicle for each corner of the vehicle. An accumulator connected to the actuator through an electrically controlled valve. An actuatable fluid RAM is in fluid communicatio ...

Jeffrey T Bayorgeon, Dirk J Vandalen, Pierre N Legrand: Apparatus for reforming and straightening vehicles. Applied Power, Robert L Lindgren, Edward D Gilhooly, Davis Chin, October 25, 1977: US04055061 (31 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for reforming and straightening damaged bodies and frames of vehicles whereby corrective forces are applied to the vehicle through one or more elongated force transmission elements. A force is imposed on the elongated elements respectively by means of a uniquely mounted hydraulic ram wh ...

Erven Tallman: Portable lifting jack. April 19, 1977: US04018421 (30 worldwide citation)

A hydraulic lifting jack has a base supported on wheels, an elevating linkage, a hydraulic ram operating with the linkage and a handle for pressurizing and releasing the hydraulic ram. An integral block of rugged rectangular configuration serves a multiple purpose of providing a reservoir for hydrau ...

Inflatable support appliance. Scales J T, December 19, 1973: GB1341325-A (30 worldwide citation)

1341325 Mattresses; adjustable beds J T SCALES 5 July 1972 [9 July 1971] 32461/71 Headings A4M, A4J A mattress, cushion or like support has an inlet for connection to a source of gas under pressure and has at least that part of its surface which is intended to make contact with the user formed from ...

Mason Samuel Trevor: Quick-change fitting for load shifting implement. Mason Samuel Trevor, July 16, 1986: GB2169582-A (29 worldwide citation)

A quick-change fitting for attaching a load shifting implement, for example a bucket or fork-lift forks, to a vehicle, for example an earth-moving vehicle or a tractor, comprises two pins (16,25) which engage hooks (20,21) on the implement, one pin (25) being slidable in slots (26) by a hydraulic ra ...

Nestor Ruben Torres: Fluid flow regulating valve. Keck Mahin & Cate, May 3, 1994: US05308040 (28 worldwide citation)

A fluid flow regulating valve adapted to prevent the operation of the valve from violent pressure change, namely the hydraulic ram effect, in the fluid, particularly during closing and opening of the valve, the valve comprising a casing that houses a regulating plate slidably mounted within the casi ...

Scott C Lilienthal: Snow plow assembly adapted for mounting on a vehicle and method of using the same. March 13, 1990: US04907357 (27 worldwide citation)

A snow plow assembly adapted for mounting on a vehicle. The snowplow assembly includes a conventional blade mounted on the front of the vehicle and powered with conventional hydraulic systems. The snow plow assembly also includes a blade mounted on the rear of the vehicle which may be raised or lowe ...

Tantlinger Keith W: Separable wheel units for vehiclizing container. Fruehauf Corporation, March 16, 1971: US3570694 (26 worldwide citation)

The wheel units are releasably attached to the bottom corner sockets of a shipping container which raises the container on the wheels of the units when a hydraulic ram on the unit is extended.

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