Robert M Empey: Hopper gate for self-unloading ships. Allis Chalmers Corporation, Robert C Sullivan, January 25, 1977: US04004700 (51 worldwide citation)

A belt feeder gate for use in self-unloading ships of the type in which the hold of the ship is provided with a hoppered bottom including a plurality of hoppers overlying an unloading conveyor belt moving lengthwise of the ship. Each open hopper bottom is closed by a gate comprising two wheeled gate ...

Errol F Andrews, Edward A Peterson, Jeffrey N Casbolt, Kevin E Holt, John M McMillan, Robert E Whiting: Coupling for earth moving tools etc.. Maroochy Shire Council, Schwartz Jeffery Schwaab Mack Blumenthal & Koch, November 6, 1984: US04480955 (49 worldwide citation)

A quick release and attachment coupling for operating tools for earthmoving or excavating machines having an attachment head pivotally mounted on the boom of the machine. A locating head is fixed to, or formed integrally with, an operating tool and has a pair of spaced side plates, and stop members ...

Donald T Noble, Steven D Braymen, Marvin S Anderson: Casingless down-hole for sealing an ablation volume and obtaining a sample for analysis. Iowa State University Research Foundation, Schwegman Lundberg Woessner & Kluth P A, October 1, 1996: US05561516 (47 worldwide citation)

A casing-less down hole sampling system for acquiring a subsurface sample for analysis using an inductively coupled plasma system is disclosed. The system includes a probe which is pushed into the formation to be analyzed using a hydraulic ram system. The probe includes a detachable tip member which ...

Richard E Baker Sr, Richard E Baker Jr: Debris compressing autoclave. American Sterilizer Company, Robert D Yeager, November 12, 1985: US04552720 (46 worldwide citation)

An autoclave for sterilizing used medical equipment and compacting same for disposal comprising a sealable receptacle lined with a thermoplastic liner wherein the liner forms an interior region for receiving used medical equipment. The sealable receptacle is provided with a hydraulic ram for compres ...

Cary D Cound, Joseph A Vivona: Aerosol can evacuator and compactor. American Home Products, Joseph M Weigman, July 17, 1984: US04459906 (45 worldwide citation)

Apparatus is provided for evacuating and compacting filled aerosol cans. The cans are manually placed into a feed chute and sensing means are provided to confirm proper can orientation and to permit gravity feed of the can into a crushing mechanism. A hydraulic ram pushes the can against a stator pl ...

Peter William Schuyler: Hold down device and method. March 6, 2001: US06195949 (44 worldwide citation)

A hold down device and method for connecting two building elements of a building comprises an elongate member, typically in the form of a rod or a cable, that is connected between the two building structures. A tension compensator, which includes a housing, is mounted to the elongate member to compe ...

Steven D Gregory: Apparatus and method for raising and supporting a building. Warren B Kice, August 23, 1988: US04765777 (42 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for raising and supporting the foundation or slab of a building, in which a lifting assembly engages the lower surface of the foundation or slab and is secured thereto. A piling is disposed adjacent the lifting assembly and is engaged by a driving assembly. A hydraulic ram is ...

Longo Joseph F: Trash compaction unit. International Dynetics Corporation, April 11, 1972: US3654855 (38 worldwide citation)

A household compaction unit having a receptacle for collection of trash and a hydraulic ram operated by household water supply to compact said garbage.

Jeffrey L Beck, Larry D Taylor: Rotary drillstring guidance by feedrate oscillation. Conoco, February 26, 1991: US04995465 (36 worldwide citation)

A drilling method and apparatus for directional drilling of a borehole. The apparatus includes a retrievably mounted downhole monitor for sensing parameters of the drill rod to which a drill bit is attached. A bent-sub is connected with said drill rod behind the drill bit to position the drill bit t ...

Parker William H, Bailey Edmond I: Downhole valve. Del Norte Technology, August 26, 1975: US3901315 (36 worldwide citation)

An elongated housing has a pair of displaced, but axially aligned bores communicating with oil well piping. Rolling between oppositely disposed ends of these housing bores is a ball valve, normally urged to a closed valve position by a predetermined spring bias. The ball rolls to an open valve posit ...

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