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The invention relates to novel active substance combinations consisting of heterocyclic trifluorobutenylen of formula (1), wherein X is halogen and n is 0, 1 or 2, and of known insecticide substances. Said novel active substance combinations are suitable for fighting harmful pests like insects and n ...


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Methods and apparatus relating to provision and/or utilization of a mechanically embedded heating element are described. An embodiment includes a heating element which is thermally coupled to an adhesive. The adhesive bonds a first item and a second item. The heating element is capable of being heat ...

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A rechargeable battery type electric power tool is widely used for a construction work or a horticultural work. A battery of the electric power tool can also be used as a power source of an electric apparatus. Because of this construction, there is provided the electric apparatus that has a function ...

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A concrete prefabricated basement having a number of underground units (1,2), each of which includes a bottom plate portion (Y) having a generally rectangular shape and a side plate portion (S), to form a rectangular box-shaped structure with an open top, the number of underground units being arrang ...

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A house construction includes an inner skin slab of low density concrete (shown on the left of Figure), having a low thermal conductivity, and an outer skin of conventional cladding such as brickwork. The slabs of the inner skin have dimensions which represent a substantial area of any given wall.

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[en] The process involves mounting a rigid module comprising partition supports defining a space behind partitions (205). Electric sheaths and electric wires are mounted in the space. A cold water supply pipe and waste water discharge pipes are mounted in the space. A glazed earthenware (220) is con ...

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A toy house configured for construction to include a plurality of segmented members interfitting relative to one another to effect an erected structure. The segments include interfitting components provided with projections and recesses for interfitting relative to one another. The housing members a ...

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The component has an assembling core (4) constituted of a hollow polygonal body and comprising a projection (5) on its side. The projection extending perpendicularly to a longitudinal axis of the body of the core forms a U shape. A side (5A) connecting branches of the U shape has a curve formed betw ...

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318,164. Millard, E. H. May 29, 1928. Ironwork, constructional. - Preformed constructional members to be assembled to form the framework of a building consist of pairs of anglebars 17 or channel-bars 10 provided with equally spaced bolt or rivet holes 12 throughout the length, and united in spaced r ...