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A pet house construction includes a front entrance, with a plurality of drawer-like containers mounted between an upper and lower floor of the house structure. The house floor may be further removable to permit access of the pet to the drawer structure permitting filling of the drawer structure with ...

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A modular greenhouse construction in which panels are prefabricated from a universal beam or mullion and the panels are interlocked to form walls and a roof. The universal beam has a spline receiving groove in one surface and a ribbed channel in the surface opposite with C-shaped slots on either sid ...

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A lightweight structural concrete wall panel for house construction, includes a sandwich construction of two thin fiber reinforced concrete faces enclosing vertical panels of insulation material consisting of expanded polystyrene. Vertical structural concrete ribs between the insulation panels are u ...

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An improved panel and method of making the panel for building construction in which fiberglass layers separated by insulation and having plastic reinforcing spaced intermediate the extent of the same provides the stud structure for the panels and the connecting means for securing the panels to a flo ...

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A prefabricated weatherproof roofing panel for new construction applicable directly to the roof rafters, or for older house construction where the existing roof and sheathing both need replacement, is described. Such prefabricated panels are complete per se and when applied by a carpenter to the roo ...

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A building construction system that permits the erection of a modular-skeleton structure type building in a very short time utilizing relatively unskilled labor. The construction of vertical metal profile posts which extend from the foundation to the horizontal roof girders in a single unit of unifo ...

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A construction for providing an inexpensive and easy to assemble house construction including support structure, wall structure and roof structure.

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A method for creating a barrier to protect wood materials for house construction or wooden structures such as houses from humidity, moisture and/or biological attacks, such as wood decaying fungi and termites, is disclosed. The method is to treat wood itself or, preferably, the ground surface under ...

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A method is disclosed of constructing a housing development in which the necessity for taking repetitious measurements and re-measurements throughout the various stages of construction is minimized. A construction surface in the form of the floor of a school or building in a shopping center associat ...

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Method and machine and a log product for log house construction includes improvements in apparatus to shape, and finish the logs, divide into halves or quarter sections for tongue-and-groove assembly construction of floors, walls, or ceiling appurtenant to the log house. Equally-spaced holes between ...