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An ink composition is proved having the properties of stability and uniformity of performance under ink jet printing conditions and desired printing properties can be obtained with hot melt ink compositions consisting of a resinous binder comprised of a compound of the formula ##STR1## wherein R.sub ...

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A resinous binder for use in hot melt ink compositions, which ink compositions may be used in hot melt ink jet printing applications, is disclosed. The resinous binder has a melt viscosity of 250 cps or less at 150.degree. C., is sufficiently transparent to allow a colorant to be distributed through ...

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A hot melt ink composition for use in continuous ink jet printing comprising an electrolyte, an electrolyte-solvating and dissociating compound and an image-forming agent, said ink being solid at about 25.degree. C., said ink liquefying at a temperature between 75.degree. C. and 175.degree. C., and ...

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Hot melt ink composition comprises an oligourea, having a melting point of at least 65 DEG C and obtainable by reacting an aliphatic or aromatic mono- or diisocyanate with an at least stoichiometric amount of: (i) a primary or secondary monoamine component; or (ii) a primary or secondary monoamine c ...

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Radiation-curable ink compositions and methods of printing including the compositions are disclosed. In some embodiments, a radiation-curable hot melt ink composition includes a colorant, a polymerizable monomer, and a photoinitiating system. The photoinitiating system can include 0.5-1.5% by weight ...

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Disclosed is a hot melt ink composition comprising (a) an ink vehicle, said ink vehicle being a solid at about 25.degree. C. and having a viscosity of from about 1 to about 20 centipoise at a temperature suitable for hot melt ink jet printing, said temperature being greater than about 45.degree. C., ...

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The present invention disclosed herein provides a hot-melt ink composition that can provide a good fixing strength and a high quality of print independently of the kinds of recording media. The hot-melt ink composition according to the present invention is a hot-melt ink composition that is solid at ...

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This invention features a hot melt ink composition. The composition includes a vehicle; a pigment having a modifying group on a surface of the pigment; and a polymeric dispersant including a group which associates with the modified surface and a backbone which is miscible with the vehicle.

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A hot melt ink composition comprised of a triblock copolymer vehicle, and a dye or pigment. The ink compositions are particularly suitable for use in accoustic ink jet printing.

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A hot-melt ink composition for an ink jet printer, comprising a coloring agent, and a vehicle which comprises a dialkylbenzenesulfonamide, a monoalkylbenzenesulfonamide, and a resin; and a hot-melt ink composition comprising from 10 to 30 wt. % of a coloring agent, and a vehicle. These ink compositi ...