Kaitani Katsumi: General purpose speaker and its fixing method. Suitaya, August 15, 2003: JP2003-230187 (3 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a speaker which can be employed in a vehicle, a personal computer, a home theater system, a BGM system, and the like, for reproducing a sound signal faithfully and can be fixed in an automobile for forming a soft sound field.SOLUTION: At least one speaker unit compris ...

Polly Stecyk, Brian Peterson, Brian D Maxson, Pavel Houda, George E Palmer, Shenta T Pu, Martin Zanfino, Robert A Perry: Control system and user interface for home theater network. Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe, May 10, 2011: US07941821 (2 worldwide citation)

Apparatus, methods, and systems for centrally and uniformly controlling the operation of a variety of devices, such as communication, consumer electronic, audio-video, analog, digital, 1394, and the like, over a variety of protocols within a network system and, more particularly, a control system an ...

Junji Yoshida, Makoto Funabiki, Tetsuya Sato: Input and output switching device and input and output switching method. Panasonic Corporation, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack L, December 3, 2013: US08601520 (2 worldwide citation)

In the wireless HDMI converter, appropriate audio data input switching is performed, and, when an instruction is received, an audio data extraction unit extracts audio data from video and audio data received by an HDMI input interface from an STB, and an optical audio output interface outputs the ex ...

Jang Woo Sick: Rotatable built-in system of image-sound installation. Tooldesign, August 1, 2007: EP1813100-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a rotatable built-in system 1 for rotatably installing an image-sound installation (10), such as a TV or a home theater, through a wall so that viewers at both sides of the wall can watch the image-sound installation (10). The rotatable built-in system 1 includes the image-sound install ...

Simon Osindero: Media content analysis system and method. YAHOO, James J DeCarlo, Greenberg Traurig, February 14, 2017: US09569696 (2 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein is an intelligent agent to analyze a media object. The agent comprises a trained model comprising a number of state layers for storing a history of actions taken by the agent in each of a number of previous iterations performed by the agent in analyzing a media object. The stored st ...

Kochi Masanori, Okimoto Mitsuo, Morimoto Yasuo, Tatsumi Takahiro: Attaching member for thin display device. Hitachi, September 20, 2002: JP2002-268578 (2 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reproduce sound output with more presence in the attachment of a thin display device.SOLUTION: By integrating a surround function with the attaching member of the thin display device, a surround system is constructed while saving space and the home theater system of a high c ...

Van Ee Jan: Gui of remote control facilitates user-friendly editing of macros. Koninkl Philips Electronics, October 11, 2000: EP1042714-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

A remote control device for a home theater has a macro creation/editing mode with authoring tools on the remote's GUI. One of the editing tools lets the user move a selected macro step visibly up or down the list of steps on the GUI.

Suzuki Hiroaki: Broadband theater system. Suzuki Hiroaki, September 19, 2003: JP2003-264898 (2 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a system wherein the dangers of leakage of contents of a storage device and copying of the contents are wiped out in a process of contents distribution and a building block configuration of hardware can protect loss of data copy protection due to remolding of softwar ...

Muto Akihiro, Kouno Michinari: Illumination control device and illumination control method, recording medium, and program. Sony, April 20, 2006: JP2006-107905 (2 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an illumination control device and an illumination control method capable of controlling illumination light into appropriate lightness and color in compliance with the image to be displayed.SOLUTION: A CPU 24 detects characteristic amount of image data input from an ...

Miki Yusuke, Otani Masahiro: Audio/video processing main unit and control method thereof, audio processing terminal device and control method thereof, audio processing main unit, audio-video processing system, audio/video processing main unit control program, audio processing terminal device control program, and recording medium in which the program is recorded. Sharp, June 21, 2007: JP2007-159092 (2 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a home theater capable of suppressing the waste of band.SOLUTION: A home theater 10 includes a main unit section 110 and one or a plurality of speaker sections 310. The main unit section 110 includes a communication section 120 which receives an AV stream from an AV ...

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