Li Junshi, Bai Chengmian, Jin Yongtai: Household network system and repeating data packet discrimination therefor. LG Electronics, zhou yongquan, March 15, 2006: CN200410071826

The invention includes more than one electrical device, at least one network manager, and a network for use in communication and applying with specified network protocol. The electrical device in home electrical appliance network receives normal data packet, and saves the packet number fields, and t ...

Li Junshi, Ju Biying, Cui Huanzong, Ju Ziren, Bai Shengmian, Jiang Chenghuan, Jin Yongtai: Mobile household network system. LG Electronics, zhen hongqiang, March 15, 2006: CN200410071842

The invention includes home master terminal, mobile service server and user's terminal. The home master terminal connects to mobile service server through first network to transmit first data packet containing control message of home electrical appliance. The first network adopts certain communicati ...

Ju Biying, Cui Huanzong, Ju Ziren, Bai Shengmian, Jiang Chenghuan, Jin Yongtai: Frequency channel processor of household network management system. LG Electronics, du wenru, March 15, 2006: CN200410071847

The invention includes frequency channel processing module that is connected with more than one home electrical appliance, and is mounted in home main controller connecting to more than one client-side device via first and second networks, and is controlled by CPU in home main controller, and makes ...

Li Junshi, Cui Huanzong, Ju Ziren, Bai Shengmian, Jiang Chenghuan, Jin Yongtai: Connecting processor of network management system. LG Electronics, wang xiaogong, March 15, 2006: CN200410071851

The invention can process certain type message packet or message between several client-side device and main control device. The connection and process unit is mounted in main control device, and is controlled by CPU in main control device. The conversion is made between first type expansion message ...

Ju Biying, Cui Huanzong, Ju Ziren, Bai Shengmian, Jiang Chenghuan, Jin Yongtai: Converter of household network system. LG Electronics, pang huaxin, March 15, 2006: CN200410071854

The invention is mounted in home master control device or in home electrical appliance. One end of it connects to a display device for use in displaying state of home electrical appliance and the user's interface. Another end of it connects to network management system in home master controller that ...

Zhang Hui, Huang Hui, Xu Caihui, Li Hehui, Cao Jingling, Yuan Yanfang, Peng Ling, Chen Shenglan, Chen Chunyan, Huang Na, Xu Shuiping: Household electric appliance network system. Geli Electric Appliances, Zhuhai, November 1, 2006: CN200510034317

A home electrical appliance network system belongs to the electrical appliance long-distance remote control domain. The system connects the home electrical appliance that is with communication equipment by the home electrical appliance gateway, and sends the collecting home electrical appliance info ...

Chikano Masatsugu, Oshima Kenichi, Gan Yasuhiro: Vortex type compressor. Hitachi Home Electrical Appliance, liu jian, September 21, 2005: CN200510055022

A scroll compressor is provided with: a back-pressure chamber 18 which is provided on the back side of the rotating scroll 8 rotatably provided opposite the stationary scroll 7 and which an intermediate pressure between a discharge pressure and a suction pressure is introduced into; a back-pressure ...

Hariba Noriko, Nagamitsu Sachio, Matsumotdo Hannaga: Control equipment, control method and control program for domestic electric devices and domestic electric device products. Matsushita Electric Industrial, wang huimin, January 21, 2004: CN03148940

An object of the present invention is to provide a control device and the like that controls home electrical appliances via a communication line by using function codes which are set without being specialized for specific home electrical appliances. This object is achieved by a home electrical appli ...



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