Hiroshi Kakuda: Control device and method, information processing device and method, recording medium, and program. William S Frommer, Frommer Lawrence & Haug, August 4, 2005: US20050172228-A1

The present invention relates to a control apparatus and method, an information processing apparatus and method, a recording medium and a program, and enables them to control a device more efficiently and reliably. If a remote controller 1 executes a search and detects a plurality of information pro ...

CORTES PEREZ ELENA: Packaging for home electrical appliance. BSH BOSCH UND SIEMENS HAUSGERÄTE, July 8, 2010: WO/2010/076317

The invention relates to a packaging for a home electrical appliance (1) such as a washing machine (1), dishwasher (1) or the like, comprising a base (2) on which the appliance (1) is placed, a cover (3) that is placed on top of the appliance (1) and four vertical edge protectors (4) that cover at l ...

Yata Osamu, Kichida Takao, Aoyama Mitsugu, Maeda Kotoku, Kuroki Makoto, Niide Tomoshiro: Air-condictioning system and on-line repair contract system for air-conditioner. Hitachi Air Conditioning &Amp Home Electrical Appliance, xuhai lan, August 29, 2007: CN200710078955

An air conditioning system has a air conditioner (indoor machine and outdoor machine) for cooling/heating regulating the indoor air, a information remote controller outputting the control instruction to the air conditioner by control line, and a communication device for communicating the information ...

Lin Mingyao: Home electrical appliance atomic power supply system. Shanghai Zhongce Trade, February 20, 2008: CN200710103649

The utility model relates to an atomic power supply system for household-appliance, belonging to the technical field of electrical appliance and power supply. At present the inside of the family, the market, the factory and the building adopts a plurality of electrical equipments such as the electri ...

Tang Xiaosheng, Zhang Ping, Ji Yang, Mei Wei, Zhang Lei, Li Birui, Li Yinong, Feng Zhiyong: A method and system for remote control of home electrical appliance devices. Beijing University Of Posts And Telecommunications, magao, February 20, 2008: CN200710175498

The utility model relates to a method and system of remote control for home appliance, an session initialization protocol called SIP signaling is constructed and sent to an IP multimedia subsystem by a user terminal, the SIP signaling comprises attribute information of the home appliance which is re ...

Yang Fasheng: Intelligent home electrical appliance and automatic power reclosing protection breaker. Yang Fasheng, June 4, 2008: CN200710146751

The invention relates to an intelligent protection circuit breaker with automatic switch-on for household electric appliances and power supply, which comprises an air circuit breaker, a power circuit, a voltage sampling circuit, a temperature sampling and transferring circuit, a leakage sampling and ...


Zhou Jianming, Liu Jinglei, Ouyang Congxing, Zhang Guanghai: Method for allocating the address of the intelligent information home electrical appliance in the home network. China Mobile Communications, liufang, October 17, 2007: CN200610072687

The invention relates to a method for allocating the address of the smart information appliance in the home network, including: the smart information appliance transmits the broadcast message; the adaptation unit stores the MAC address of the smart information appliance and send the access signals o ...

Zhou Jianming, Ouyang Congxing, Zhang Guanghai: Data storage system of the information home electrical appliance and the data processing method. China Mobile Communications, liufang, October 17, 2007: CN200610072689

The invention relates to a data storage system and data processing method for information appliances, this system includes: one or more interconnected information appliances database server, one or more family network gateway servers, and one or more information appliances data management server; th ...

Liu Ning, Lan Cuiqin, Xia Hongming, Jin Xuezhe, Cao Wenle: Stream media box for hiding or displaying home electrical appliance. Haier Group, wangtie mei wangmeng xia, January 9, 2008: CN200610090376

The invention can be exposed in the user's view when it is needed, and can be hidden in an appointed location when it is not needed.

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