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Embodiments are directed towards modular power plants that provide power to operate machines. A power plant is a combustion-electric hybrid power plant that includes at least one or more engines, one or more generators, and one or more battery arrays. The battery arrays include one or more modular b ...

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There is disclosed a protection system for a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The protection system includes one or more of a base, a shield and a deflector. The protection system is generally designed for preventing water and debris from flowing into the HVAC system.

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A panel air filter assembly, for use in heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, which has a single filter element with multiple portions. The single filter element is sectioned into substantially equally-dimensioned and separate filter portions. Each of the filter portions includes ...

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A heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system, comprising a heat exchanger plenum having a surface located therein that is susceptible to degradation upon exposure to light, and a light bulb located within the plenum. In one embodiment, the light bulb has a side directed toward the surfa ...

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Methods, apparatuses and systems are described herein for harmonizing firmware among lighting units of a lighting system. In some embodiments, a lighting unit controller of a lighting unit may be configured to: broadcast, to a plurality of remote lighting units of the lighting system, data indicativ ...

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A system in which a portable electronic device communicates with an external device to determine a location. Upon determining its location, the portable electronic device transmits this information as well as identifying information to a control processor. The control processor controls one or more ...

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A method for controlling the opening of a valve (10) in an HVAC system (100) to regulate the flow φ of a fluid through a thermal energy exchanger (2) of the HVAC system (100) and adjust the amount of energy E exchanged by the thermal energy exchanger (2). According to the method, an energy-per-flow ...

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Systems and methods for evaluating elements of a computer network using deidentified production data are described. The production data can include a set of alias records, which include deidentified data, and can be generated from corresponding real records of actual users. Evaluating elements can i ...

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A method is provided for controlling operation of an air conditioning unit. The method comprises supplying line voltage to activate a motor configured to operate the air conditioning unit, and monitoring a supply of control voltage in order to control operation of the air conditioning unit, the supp ...

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A system for providing efficient climate control in a vehicle. The system has an HVAC system configured to receive a user-defined temperature. The HVAC system has a cabin temperature sensor. The system has a controller coupled to the HVAC system and coupleable to a mobile device. The controller is p ...