Steven E Nielsen, Curtis Chambers, David Pennington: Ticket approval system for and method of performing quality control in field service applications. CertusVies Technologies, Cooley, May 23, 2017: US09659268

A ticket approval system and method of performing quality control in a field service application. The method includes obtaining a ticket, performing at least one task associated with the ticket, collecting data associated with at least one task, and transmitting the data to a work management server ...

Steven E Nielsen, Curtis Chambers, Jeffrey Farr, Greg Block: Methods and apparatus for assessing risks associated with locate request tickets based on historical information. CertusView Technologies, Cooley, May 9, 2017: US09646275

Locate and/or marking operations involve detecting and/or marking a presence or an absence of at least one underground facility within a dig area, wherein at least a portion of the dig area is planned to be excavated or disturbed during excavation activities. One or more attributes of a locate and/o ...

Kurt Donald Huber, William Gordon Mansfield, Judson John Flynn: Intra-premises content and equipment management in a femtocell network. AT&T MOBILITY II, Amin Turocy & Watson, March 7, 2017: US09591486

Traffic and signaling is routed between a set of networked femto access points (APs) and devices served there from, and content and equipment that is part of a network functionally coupled to the set of networked femto APs is managed. Networked equipment spans a network deployed within the coverage ...

Steven Nielsen, Curtis Chambers, Jeffrey Farr: Marking apparatus equipped with ticket processing software for facilitating marking operations, and associated methods. CertusView Technologies, Cooley, February 7, 2017: US09563863

Marking apparatus and methods, in which first ticket information relating to a locate request ticket is received, and second ticket information derived from the first ticket information is displayed on a display device of the marking apparatus. A field technician may provide some input to generate a ...

Peter F Vandermeulen: Methods and systems for liquid desiccant air conditioning system retrofit. 7AC Technologies, Foley Hong, Rajesh Vallabh, July 18, 2017: US09709285

Methods and systems are disclosed for utilizing liquid desiccant air conditioning systems in connection with existing HVAC equipment to achieve reductions in electricity consumption.

Steven Nielsen, Curtis Chambers, Jeffrey Farr: Methods, apparatus, and systems for exchanging information between excavators and other entities associated with underground facility locate and marking operations. CertusView Technologies, Cooley, May 9, 2017: US09646353

Methods, apparatus, and systems for providing information regarding a locate and/or marking operation to identify a presence or an absence of at least one underground facility within a dig area. At least one notification indicating a status of the locate and/or marking operation is electronically tr ...

Barry Fischer, Benjamin David Harack: Identifying electric vehicle owners. O POWER, February 21, 2017: US09576245

The subject disclosure relates to methods and systems for identifying and classifying electric-vehicle (EV) owners. Methods of the subject technology can include steps for generating an initial model based on a plurality of load-curve characteristics, and training the initial model using a training ...

Terry Zeigler, Eric Elias, Christophe Barreau: Vehicle air conditioning and heating system providing engine on and off operation. Bergstrom, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren P C, July 4, 2017: US09694651

A heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system for use in an over-the-road or off road vehicle is provided. The HVAC system may be operated regardless of the operational state of the engine. That is, the HVAC system may be operated to condition the interior compartments of an over-the-roa ...

Dason Cheung, Murad Kurwa, Richard Loi: Energy saving-exhaust control and auto shut off system. Flextronics AP, Haverstock & Owens, March 28, 2017: US09605860

An energy-efficient ventilation system comprises a ventilation fan, ductwork, system controller, and a plurality of ventilation points, each comprising a damper, a differential pressure sensor, a ventilation point controller, and a fume detector. When a ventilation point does not require ventilation ...

Forwood C Wiser III, George R Summers, Benjamin H Kaeppner: Active field polarized media air cleaner. Environmental Management Confederation, Spruce Law Group, October 17, 2017: US09789494

Improvements in active field polarized media air cleaner include an aerodynamic front cowling to reduce static air resistance, a rear double hinge to reduce blow by, a resistive center screen permitting the sharing of high voltage power supplies while reducing the tendency to arc and allowing for a ...

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