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A ventilation system for a power machine is disclosed. The ventilation system includes a first ductwork section and a second ductwork section. An intermediate unsealed cavity is positioned between the first ductwork section and the second ductwork section. A source of air having a primary fan is pro ...

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An apparatus captures and evacuates air from an area above a body of liquid, particularly a swimming pool. The apparatus exhausts the contaminants and water vapor to an area outside of an enclosure housing the swimming pool. A perimeter deck drain assembly extends around the pool and is connected to ...

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Method for controlling an HVAC ventilation fan in heating or cooling mode and varying the fan-off time delay as a function of heat source or cool source operational time. Method for increasing heater ventilation fan speed from the low speed used for heating to the high speed used for cooling. Method ...

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There is disclosed a protection system for a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The protection system includes one or more of a base, a shield and a deflector. The protection system is generally designed for preventing water and debris from flowing into the HVAC system.

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A panel air filter assembly, for use in heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, which has a single filter element with multiple portions. The single filter element is sectioned into substantially equally-dimensioned and separate filter portions. Each of the filter portions includes ...

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A hybrid vehicle includes one or more processors, a memory, an engine, a battery, and a motor. The motor is configured to utilize electrical energy stored in the battery for powering a movement of the wheels or an operation of the hybrid vehicle. A memory stores route data and corresponding vehicle ...

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A heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system, comprising a heat exchanger plenum having a surface located therein that is susceptible to degradation upon exposure to light, and a light bulb located within the plenum. In one embodiment, the light bulb has a side directed toward the surfa ...

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Methods, apparatuses and systems are described herein for harmonizing firmware among lighting units of a lighting system. In some embodiments, a lighting unit controller of a lighting unit may be configured to: broadcast, to a plurality of remote lighting units of the lighting system, data indicativ ...

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A method for controlling the opening of a valve (10) in an HVAC system (100) to regulate the flow φ of a fluid through a thermal energy exchanger (2) of the HVAC system (100) and adjust the amount of energy E exchanged by the thermal energy exchanger (2). According to the method, an energy-per-flow ...

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A method is provided for controlling operation of an air conditioning unit. The method comprises supplying line voltage to activate a motor configured to operate the air conditioning unit, and monitoring a supply of control voltage in order to control operation of the air conditioning unit, the supp ...