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Lighting units, systems, and methods are described herein for determining whether occupancy detections are legitimate or not. Methods and systems are further described herein for powering down a network of power over ethernet (PoE) components.

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The subject invention includes a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) assembly or module (10) having a housing (12) with an inlet (14) and at least one outlet (16,18,20) for directing a flow of air into a passenger compartment. An evaporator core (22) is disposed within the housing (12) ...

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A thermostat includes a housing, a touch-sensitive display configured to display visual media and receive user inputs, processing electronics configured to operate the touch-sensitive display, and a mounting plate. The housing includes a base that has walls that define an internal volume. The housin ...

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A method of operating an electric motor is disclosed. The method includes: starting the electric motor in an open loop control mode; operating an estimator that estimates operating conditions of the electric motor; and, while the electric motor is in the open loop control mode, evaluating a first pa ...

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Locate and/or marking operations involve detecting and/or marking a presence or an absence of at least one underground facility within a dig area, wherein at least a portion of the dig area is planned to be excavated or disturbed during excavation activities. One or more attributes of a locate and/o ...

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An enclosure vent is operable to be mounted to a building that presents an interior space and to move in response to a change in vent temperature. The vent includes a vent frame and a laminated composite vent panel. The vent panel includes outer and inner panel layers and an intermediate connecting ...

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