Harry P Adams, David J Baker, Christopher Q Jian, William W Toth: Low heat capacity gas oxy fired burner. OCV Intellectual Capital, Margaret S Millikin, July 1, 2008: US07392668 (30 worldwide citation)

A front end for a glass forming operation including an open channel and at least one burner. The channel surface has at least one burner port and a burner oriented in the burner port at an acute angle relative to the channel surface. The surface may be a top, side or end wall and the burner port is ...

Paul K Chao, Kevin J Knob, Sergei Yurchak: Control of temperature exotherms in the conversion of methanol to gasoline hydrocarbons. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Michael G Gilman, Van D Harrison Jr, October 1, 1985: US04544781 (30 worldwide citation)

A reactor bed, particularly one designed for converting alcohols to gasoline, is provided with a section downstream of the catalyst bed filled with high heat capacity thermal absorptive material. When the circulation of recycled gas to the system is temporarily suspended automatic valves terminate t ...

Henry Quackenbush: Method of and apparatus for the recovery of a desired material from a carrier stream. Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, November 1, 1977: US04056369 (30 worldwide citation)

A process and apparatus for recovering gasoline or other solvents from solvent laden air is disclosed. The solvent laden air is contacted at ambient pressure and temperature in a vessel with a mixture of an adsorbent for the desired material, e.g., activated charcoal, and an inert compound possessin ...

Michael P DeFrank, Robert J Rosati: Thermally isolated probe for biomedical apparatus and method of communicating energy there through. Alaris Medical Systems, Fulwider Patton Lee & Utecht, December 18, 2001: US06332090 (29 worldwide citation)

The thermal isolation apparatus for the protruding probe of a biomedical thermometer includes an insulative air gap and a heat sink disposed between the surface of the probe and the optical path through the probe. The heat sink surrounds the optical path, such as a waveguide, and acts to evenly dist ...

David P Hart: Heat pump system. August 13, 1991: US05038580 (29 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a heat pump system having a direct earth coupled underground heat exchanging apparatus. The system uses a heat exchanging fluid existing in both gaseous and liquid form during operation and includes ancillary equipment and associated controls for carrying out various functio ...

Donald M McCarson: Apparatus and method for combined solar and heat pump heating and cooling system. Bailey Dority & Flint, August 21, 1979: US04165037 (29 worldwide citation)

A heating and cooling system is provided having an indoor heat exchanger, an outdoor heat exchanger, a refrigerant compressor, an auxiliary heat exchanger in parallel with the outdoor heat exchanger, a solar collector unit, with the auxiliary heat exchanger disposed within a fluid contained in a sto ...

Gloria Weissberg, Tina Alster, Felix Franks, William Mallow: Therapeutic face and eye masque. SkinVestment, Kenyon & Kenyon, June 5, 2001: US06241711 (28 worldwide citation)

A face masque that applies cooling therapy to facial features of a patient. The masque is formed of two nylon or plastic layers that define a closed interior space and filled with a cooling medium that includes water, glycerin and hydroxyethyl cellulose. The masque controls the rate of heat dissipat ...

Masashi Ogasawara, Eiichi Akutsu, Tetsuro Kodera: Fusing device using a heat accumulated heating medium and the fusing method using the same. Fuji Xerox, Oliff & Berridge, May 25, 1999: US05907348 (28 worldwide citation)

The fusing device using a heat accumulated heating medium and the fusing process using the same is disclosed. The fusing device comprises a heating member having relatively low heat capacity, a heat accumulating system for temporarily accumulating heat energy at the heating member, a nip arrangement ...

John R Avery: Reusable thermal pack and flow retardant gel for use therein. P I, Lee Mann Smith McWilliams Sweeney & Ohlson, January 23, 1996: US05486206 (28 worldwide citation)

A thermal pack for heating or cooling portions of a body and a flow retardant gel for use therein. The thermal pack includes a gel pad and a pressure chamber. The gel includes a fibrous material disposed therein to essentially prevent flow and increase heat capacity.

Thomas Anthony Weisz: Low mass electric heater. General Binding Corporation, Hill Gross Simpson Van Santen Steadman Chiara & Simpson, August 22, 1978: US04108713 (28 worldwide citation)

A low mass electrical heater for rapid heating of a heat reactivatable adhesive, such as used in laminating machines or book binding machines, incorporates a low mass, low heat capacity metal plate. The plate is constructed of either magnesium or aluminum and has a thickness of less than 0.1 inch. A ...

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