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The invention provides a novel gene and protein regulating the expression of Bacillus anthracis Anthrolysin O toxin, pharmaceutical compositions and antibodies which may be utilized for human or veterinary applications or for agricultural applications, and methods of treatment using same.

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Isolated nucleic acid sequences encoding mammalian MDM2 binding protein and polypeptide sequences for the mammalian MDM2 binding protein are provided. Also provided are vectors containing these nucleic acid sequences, host cells which express these proteins and antibodies targeted to these proteins. ...

Paul Edward Stamets: Antiviral activity from medicinal mushrooms and their active constituents. William R Hyde, Bernard A Brown II, April 3, 2018: US09931316

Compounds having unique antiviral properties found in mushroom mycelium and their analogs are extracted, concentrated, isolated or manufactured to create compositions useful in preventing the spread and proliferation of various viruses afflicting animals, particularly viruses harming humans, pigs, b ...

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An information equipment has obtained identification information including a store ID indicating a predetermined shop store. An application ID indicating a game application running on information equipment and a user ID indicating a user of the game application are received together with the store I ...

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Preparations of glycan therapeutics, pharmaceutical compositions and medical foods thereof, optionally comprising micronutrients, polyphenols, prebiotics, probiotics, or other agents are provided and methods of making same. Also provided are methods of using said glycan therapeutics, e.g. for the mo ...

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This invention is an architectonic system of autonomous wearable devices and methods, and their representations for learning keyboarding, disclosed as an integrated environment of communication/computation enabling data entry at the tip of the fingers with the adaptiveness and simplicity of "thumb-f ...

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Methods for preventing or treating an Apicomplexan parasite infection in a patient administering to a patient in need thereof an effective amount of a compound of Formulas I-IV.

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The present invention is related to the discovery that phosphorylation of SP1 (SEQ ID NO.: 2) at serine residue 101 (known herein as phosphoserine101 Sp1) is an important part of a cell's response to DNA damage. This phosphorylation event is important for subsequent Sp1 localization to a site of DNA ...

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Methods for activating Toll-like receptor 4 via cholesterol-dependent cytolysins isolated from a Gram-positive bacteria are provided. In addition compositions containing an isolated cholesterol-dependent cytolysin or a fragment thereof or a mimetic of the cytolysin or fragment thereof and methods fo ...

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Methods for culturing human lung mast cells in the absence of co-culture with feeder cells which are viable for longer than 4 days are provided. Also provided are methods for using these human lung mast cell cultures to assess biological and pharmacological activities of these cells in vivo and to i ...