Stephen F Gass, David S D&apos Ascenzo: Power tools. March 25, 2003: US06536536 (284 worldwide citation)

An electrically powered hand tool is disclosed. The tool includes a motor, a power source, a work element and a controller. Various alternative features, embodiments and operative configurations are disclosed.

Walter Barth, Rudolf Fuchs, Frank Langenfelder, David M Martinez: Electric hand tool, in particular drill. Robert Bosch, Michael J Striker, July 9, 1996: US05533581 (279 worldwide citation)

In an electric hand tool, particularly a drill, with a housing, an electric motor which is received in the housing and has a motor shaft parallel to the housing axis, and with a work spindle which is driven by the electric motor via a transmission gearing, the housing is divided along a dividing pla ...

James K Cunningham: Thrust bearing for use in downhole drilling systems. John D Gassett, Frank J Catalano, Scott R Zingerman, January 2, 1996: US05480233 (160 worldwide citation)

A thrust bearing for use in downhole drilling systems employing fluid motors having a stator retaining ring and a rotor retaining ring. These rings have a plurality of bearing inserts. The bearing insert surfaces of the rotor contact the bearing surfaces of the stator. The studs which make up the be ...

Conny Jansson, Ulf Wahlberg: Hand tool. Bahco Verktyg, Oldham Oldham Hudak & Weber, October 14, 1980: US04227430 (160 worldwide citation)

A rotatable hand tool, especially a screwdriver or other rotating tool for screws or nuts. The tool is of the kind having cavities in its handle for storing at least one, or usually several tool bits, which can optionally be attached to a holder attached to and turned by the holder. Such bits can, f ...

Chih Hung Chiu: Golf putter head and weight adjustable arrangement. Pro Techtor International Services, February 19, 2002: US06348014 (155 worldwide citation)

A golf putter head and weight adjustable arrangement include a putter head body, the putter head body having a plurality of receiving holes respectively extended to a back side wall thereof in direction perpendicular to a face panel thereof, and a plurality of weights fitting the receiving holes and ...

J Paul Jones: Method of suturing. PRD Corporation, May 23, 1989: US04832026 (153 worldwide citation)

A method for low trauma suturing: (a) Thin steel needle put into flesh (using a tool) on one side of the wound until anchor fixed to a needle engages flesh. At that time point of needle will protrude. Anchor crimped on the protruding side; (b) Anchors are in ball form with square cavities to accept ...

George C Sessions, Bradford J Parrish: Folding knife. Fiskars, Foley & Lardner, April 30, 1996: US05511310 (150 worldwide citation)

A foldable hand tool, such as a pocket folding knife, includes a knife blade and a handle for storing the knife blade, and a pivotally biased lock bar to secure the blade in extended position. The knife also includes a pair of non-slip ridges mechanically interlocked with the handle in a region of t ...

Edward J Murry, Joseph F Brumbach: Medical machine for performing surgery and treating using ultrasonic energy. Fibra Sonics, Hill Gross Simpson Van Santen Steadman Chiara & Simpson, November 9, 1976: US03990452 (150 worldwide citation)

A machine for performing surgery and treatment utilizing ultrasonic energy wherein so as to obtain precise control of the operating frequency and eliminate unnecessary heating and loss of power the hand tool as well as the generator and power supply are designed after establishing the designed crite ...

Spencer Frazer: Combination hand tool with retractable pliers jaws. Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness, December 7, 1993: US05267366 (114 worldwide citation)

Jaw members are pivoted together such that cooperating working end portions of the jaw members are movable toward and away from each other. The jaw members have tang or butt portions extending opposite the pivot from the working end portions. Such butt portions are, in turn, pivoted to elongated han ...

Erkki Olavi Linden: Pivoted hand tool. Fiskars Consumer Oy, Foley & Lardner, December 16, 1997: US05697159 (110 worldwide citation)

A hand tool for cutting, such as a pair of pruners, includes a pair of opposed elongated members, each member comprising a jaw at a front end portion thereof, a handle at a rear end portion thereof, and a midportion where the members cross over each other. A pivotable joint unites the midportions fo ...

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