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A set of golf clubs has a detachable shaft portion such that a whole set of clubs can be utilized with a single top shaft element which can be firmly but removably attached to a shortened shaft portion provided with each club head. A carrying bag is provided for the clubs and shaft, this bag having ...

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A correlated set of golf clubs of the type commonly referred to as irons is disclosed. Various dimensions are the same for all club heads of a set even though loft and lie angles A and C are different for each. Weight is controlled by the depth of a cavity in the rear of the club head. A slope angle ...

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The golf club set according to the present invention consists of plural golf clubs of which the lofts are increased iron a predetermined order, preferably with increments of 3.degree. to 4.degree.. The heads of golf clubs with lofts ranging from 9.degree. to 25.degree. in the set being constructed w ...

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A correlated set of golf clubs of the iron type is disclosed in which each club head has a cavity formed in the back surface thereof with specially configured weight pads formed integrally within the back cavity. The weight pads are so configured and positioned within the confines of the back cavity ...

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A new golf club face design is disclosed in which different regions of grooves are provided in the vertical direction of the club face to impose different roll/bite characteristics on a golf ball depending on where the golf ball contacts the club face. In one embodiment, the golf club face has three ...

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A golf club set comprising a plurality of differing club heads with individual alphanumeric designations and each having an attached shank of predetermined length differing in correspondence with the differing alphanumeric designations of the club heads, a handle including a shaft of predetermined f ...

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As the club number increases so that the loft angle is larger, the center-of-gravity height HG of each head becomes larger, and the center-of-gravity depth ZG thereof becomes smaller. Each head is hollow, and a face portion becomes thicker in its lower portion. The back bottom thickness T is smaller ...

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A correlated set of golf clubs the heads of which each have a top ridge that extends longitudinally along the upper part of the head between the heel and toe ends thereof with enlarged mass concentrations being formed to provide upper protuberances at the heel and toe ends of the ridge. The top ridg ...

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A correlated set of golf clubs the heads of which each contain (1) a sole including a trailing edge which is indented toward the striking face a distance of at least 1/16 of an inch, and (2) a lower back surface adjacent the indented trailing edge sloping upwardly and inwardly from the indented trai ...

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An iron golf club set comprising a plurality of clubs with varying lofts and groove spacings, in which the groove spacing of each club is equal to or greater than the groove spacing for the next club in the set with less club loft and there are at least two different groove spacings within the set.