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Method and apparatus for providing a data stream generator that generates a data stream associated with a monitored analyte level, and a radio frequency logic portion operatively coupled to the data stream generator, the radio frequency logic portion configured to generate a radio frequency data str ...

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A blood glucose meter having a compact housing, a display unit disposed on the housing, the display unit including a display light source to illuminate the display unit, an input unit disposed on the housing, the input unit configured to provide input functions for the blood glucose meter, and a pow ...

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Various embodiments are described and illustrated to calculate an insulin bolus, recommend such bolus, and provide reminder messages for performing an additional glucose test.

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A sensor array designed to be continuously indexed through a compatible blood glucose test monitor for the purpose of conducting multiple consecutive blood glucose measurements. The sensor array can be configured to substantially conform to a non-planar surface. In one embodiment, the sensor array i ...

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