COSENTINO DANIEL L: Glucose meter system and monitor. CARDIOCOM, Champlin Judson K, June 17, 2010: WO/2010/068617 (1 worldwide citation)

A handheld portable glucose meter (1600), includes a glucose sensor (1608) having a sensor output related to glucose in a blood sample on a blood glucose test strip (1602). A display (1614) is configured to display information to a user. The handheld portable glucose meter (1600) maintains informati ...

Hu Jun: Siphoning type blood sugar test paper. Hu Jun, November 12, 2008: CN200710040500 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention discloses a siphon test paper, which pertains to the technical field of bio-sensor. The substrate of the test paper is printed with a working electrode, a reference electrode, an electrical circuit and an interface port connected with a read-out instrument. The working electrode and th ...

Cosentino Daniel L, Cosentino Louis C, Golden Brian Alan: Test strip calibration system for a glucose meter, and method. Cardiocom, Cosentino Daniel L, Cosentino Louis C, Golden Brian Alan, KOWALCHYK Katherine M, October 18, 2007: WO/2007/117405 (1 worldwide citation)

A glucose test strip is disclosed. The test strip includes an insertion portion and an exposed portion. The exposed portion of the test strip is arranged to accept a blood sample from a patient. The test strip includes a calibration identifier accessible to a calibration identifier access device in ...

Martin J Fennell, Saeed Nekoomaram: Method and device for determining elapsed sensor life. Abbott Diabetes Care, Jackson & Co, February 21, 2017: US09574914

Methods and systems for determining elapsed sensor life in medical systems, and more specifically continuous analyte monitoring systems.

Martin J Fennell, Lei He, Mark Kent Sloan: Analyte monitoring system and methods. Abbott Diabetes Care, Jackson & Co, May 16, 2017: US09649057

Methods and systems for providing data communication in medical systems are disclosed.

Mark Kent Sloan, Gary Alan Hayter: Method and system for providing basal profile modification in analyte monitoring and management systems. David Novak, Brannon Sowers & Cracraft PC, June 6, 2017: US09669162

Method and system for providing basal profile modification in insulin therapy for use with infusion devices includes periodically monitoring the analyte levels of a patient for a predetermined period of time in order to determine, based on the monitored analyte levels, an appropriate modification fa ...

Jai Karan, Annie Tan, Marc B Taub, Timothy C Dunn, Joel Goldsmith, Christine M Neuhaus, Stephen A Rossi: Devices, systems, and methods associated with analyte monitoring devices and devices incorporating the same. ABBOTT DIABETES CARE, One, January 3, 2017: US09532737

Analyte monitoring systems, devices, and methods associated with analyte monitoring devices, and devices incorporating the same are provided. Various graphical user interfaces (GUI) and navigation flows are provided for performing various features, activities, functions, etc., associated with the an ...

Gary Hayter: Method and apparatus for providing data processing and control in medical communication system. ABBOTT DIABETES CARE, One, April 11, 2017: US09615780

Methods and apparatus for providing data processing and control for use in a medical communication system are provided.

Erwin Satrya Budiman: Model based variable risk false glucose threshold alarm prevention mechanism. Abbott Diabetes Care, Jackson & Co, April 18, 2017: US09622691

Methods of determining when to activate an analyte, e.g. glucose, related alarm, such as a hypoglycemia alarm, of a continuous analyte monitor is provided. Also provided are systems, devices and kits. Embodiments include methods for determining when to activate an analyte alarm of a continuous analy ...

Gary Alan Hayter, Erwin Satrya Budiman: Method and system for determining analyte levels. Abbott Diabetes Care, Jackson & Co, January 31, 2017: US09558325

Methods and apparatus for analyte level estimation are provided for filtering measurement data. In an embodiment, a present predicted analyte level estimate is determined. A present corrected analyte level estimate is determined based at least in part on the determined present predicted analyte leve ...

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