Paul J Galley, John F Price, Richard W Wilson, Lisa McCool: Handheld diabetes management device having testing in pairs blood glucose test. ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS OPERATIONS, Harness Dickey, July 21, 2015: US09087149 (1 worldwide citation)

A method for conducting a Testing In Pairs (TIPs) blood glucose (bG) test using a handheld diabetes management device carried by a user. A processing subsystem of the device implements a software module for managing the TIPs test. The software module generates a plurality of predetermined acceptance ...

Glucose test indicator. Miles Lab, February 11, 1959: GB808742-A (1 worldwide citation)

A composition for detecting glucose comprises a mixture of glucose oxidase, peroxidase, and a compound which changes colour in the presence of hydrogen peroxide. The glucose oxidase may contain catalase. An aqueous solution of the mixture may be buffered to a pH of 2-8 by the addition of sodium acet ...

Surridge Nigel, Joseph Abner, Chan Frank, Gerber Martin, Sauers Matt: Biosensor container. Roche Diagnostics, Hoffmann La Roche, February 24, 2010: EP2157428-A2 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a biosensor container comprising a housing defining an internal glucose test strip compartment. The housing has an engagement portion for retaining a detachable means for storing data, and the means for storing data has data stored thereon specific to a batch of glucose test s ...

Wessel Paul: Supply organizers and methods for health management. BAYER HEALTHCARE, Dugan Brian M, August 26, 2010: WO/2010/096054 (1 worldwide citation)

In some aspects, a health management supply organizer (1100) is provided. The supply organizer (1100) is adapted to receive health management supplies including an analyte meter (1114) and analyte sensors (e.g., glucose test strips) and a removable disposal container (1132) which is adapted to recei ...

COSENTINO DANIEL L: Glucose meter system and monitor. CARDIOCOM, Champlin Judson K, June 17, 2010: WO/2010/068617 (1 worldwide citation)

A handheld portable glucose meter (1600), includes a glucose sensor (1608) having a sensor output related to glucose in a blood sample on a blood glucose test strip (1602). A display (1614) is configured to display information to a user. The handheld portable glucose meter (1600) maintains informati ...

Hu Jun: Siphoning type blood sugar test paper. Hu Jun, November 12, 2008: CN200710040500 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention discloses a siphon test paper, which pertains to the technical field of bio-sensor. The substrate of the test paper is printed with a working electrode, a reference electrode, an electrical circuit and an interface port connected with a read-out instrument. The working electrode and th ...

Cosentino Daniel L, Cosentino Louis C, Golden Brian Alan: Test strip calibration system for a glucose meter, and method. Cardiocom, Cosentino Daniel L, Cosentino Louis C, Golden Brian Alan, KOWALCHYK Katherine M, October 18, 2007: WO/2007/117405 (1 worldwide citation)

A glucose test strip is disclosed. The test strip includes an insertion portion and an exposed portion. The exposed portion of the test strip is arranged to accept a blood sample from a patient. The test strip includes a calibration identifier accessible to a calibration identifier access device in ...

Mark Castle, Rodney Kugizaki, Robert Englert, Thomas Shoup, Jeff Perry: Methods and apparatus for lancet actuation. SANOFI AVENTIS DEUTSCHLAND, Paul Davis, Beyer Law Group, October 24, 2017: US09795747

A lancet driver is provided wherein the driver exerts a driving force on a lancet during a lancing cycle and is used on a tissue site. The driver comprises of a drive force generator for advancing the lancet along a path into the tissue site, and a manual switch for a user interface input.

Dominique Freeman, Thomas Schulte, Michael Cane, Don Alden, Matt Schumann: Method and apparatus for a fluid sampling device. SANOFI AVENTIS DEUTSCHLAND, Paul Davis, Beyer Law Group, November 21, 2017: US09820684

Methods and apparatus are provided for manufacturing an analyte detecting device. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a housing; a penetrating member driver; a cartridge containing a plurality of penetrating members; a display on the cartridge; a linear slider on the housing, the slider coupl ...

Dominique M Freeman: Sampling module device and method. Sanofi Aventis Deutschland, Paul Davis, Beyer Law Group, July 4, 2017: US09694144

A medicament injection device includes a device body portion that includes a penetrating member channel. A penetrating member is provided with a sharpened distal tip and shaft portion that is slidably disposed within the penetrating channel to provide for a penetrating to travel in a linear axial mo ...

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