Liamos Charles T, Huffman Lawrence W: Method and system for monitoring consumable item usage and providing replenishment thereof. Abbott Diabetes Care, OH Kuni, November 9, 2006: WO/2006/119084 (110 worldwide citation)

Method and system for providing a subscription based replenishment transaction of consumable items such as glucose test strips including a data network, a user terminal operatively coupled to the data network, the user terminal configured to receive and transmit data over the data network, and a ser ...

Charlton Steven C, Miller Anne T, Moulton Joseph L, Schumann Matthew A, Slomski Dennis, Wogoman Frank W: Dispensing instrument for fluid monitoring sensors. Bayer, September 18, 1996: EP0732590-A2 (81 worldwide citation)

A sensor dispensing instrument is adapted to receive a generally circular sensor pack containing a plurality of blood glucose sensors. Each of the sensors are disposed in sensor cavities, each of which is in fluid communication with a corresponding desiccant cavity and has a support wall that assist ...

Henry Grage, Paul D Levin: Method and apparatus for testing blood glucose in a reversible infusion line. Palco Labs, Bruce H Johnsonbaugh, May 6, 2008: US07367942 (46 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for automatically and periodically measuring a patient's blood glucose level wherein the patient has a catheter in a blood vessel and is receiving infusion fluid through the catheter. A testing unit is provided which has a main infusion channel and, in a preferred embodiment, the testin ...

Robert Bauer: Ascorbate-resistant broad range glucose test composition, test device and method. Miles Laboratories, Edward H Gorman Jr, July 17, 1984: US04460684 (32 worldwide citation)

A composition, test device and method for detecting the presence and/or determining concentration of glucose in a liquid test sample are disclosed. The composition is capable of determining glucose concentration over a broad range, e.g. 0 to about 5,000 milligrams (mg) of glucose per deciliter (dl) ...

Ibrahim A Ismail, Teresa Yip: Stable composition for the determination of peroxidatively active substances. Miles, Konrad H Kaeding, Mary G Boguslaski, July 5, 1988: US04755472 (27 worldwide citation)

A stable test device for the determination of a peroxidatively active substance comprising a carrier containing 1,4-diisopropylbenzene dihydroperoxide and a benzidine indicator in a molar ratio of from 0.9 to 3.0. The composition can be incorporated in a carrier matrix along with a ferric chelate to ...

Carmine Greene, Ibrahim A Ismail, Wen H Wu: Nonenzymatic glucose test. Miles, Roger N Coe, June 8, 1993: US05217691 (24 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a nonenzymatic method useful for the semiquantitative determination of glucose, a test composition and test device. Glucose concentration in an aqueous test sample can be determined by preparing a test solution by contacting an aqueous test sample and a dihydroxide component, ...

Bert Walter: Color stable glucose test. Miles Laboratories, Charles J Herron, June 16, 1981: US04273868 (22 worldwide citation)

Test means, such as a composition, a test device, method of making the test device and process for determining glucose in a body fluid sample are disclosed. More particularly, the contemplated test means comprises glucose oxidase, a peroxidatively active substance, such as peroxidase, and a 3,3',5,5 ...

Wayne L Ryan: Glucose reference control for glucose test strips. Streck Laboratories, Larson and Taylor, March 8, 1988: US04729959 (22 worldwide citation)

A stable glucose reference control has been found in which the true value and the measured value of glucose in blood, colorimetrically obtained with glucose test strips, is approximately the same. The glucose reference control comprises an aqueous suspension of:

Joseph Y Wang: Enzymatic high range glucose test. Miles Laboratories, Mary G Boguslaski, November 4, 1986: US04621049 (21 worldwide citation)

A test composition comprising glucose oxidase, a peroxidatively active component, a chromogenic indicator system capable of providing a detectable response and a borate buffer capable of providing an initial pH above about pH 7 is particularly useful for the semiquantitative determination of high ra ...

Douglas R Hufnagle: Combination sterile pad support and lancet. John L Gray, January 13, 1987: US04635633 (18 worldwide citation)

In order for diabetics to test themselves for stat glucose levels to determine whether or not they should self administer insulin, it is necessary to draw a drop of blood from the diabetic's finger, place the drop of blood on a commercially available blood glucose test media and compare the resultin ...

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