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In a laser beam glass cutting method, a glass article to be cut (for example a moulded tumbler having a moil) is maintained at a high temperature below the softening point of the glass and then the glass is repeatedly irradiated with a laser beam along the required cut-off line by rotating the glass ...

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In the severing of glass by irradiating it with a laser beam along the line where it is to be severed, the quality and speed of the severing operation are improved by preliminarily scoring the glass along such line.

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A glass cutting device which is especially useful for cutting sheet glass having a motor driven glass cutting head mounted on a platform. The glass cutting head may include a marker as well as a cutting wheel for performing the functions of marking and cutting glass from a stock piece of glass. The ...

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A method and apparatus for cutting glass sheets from a glass ribbon in the continuous production of glass. The glass ribbon, after it is formed from molten glass material, is brought to a temperature corresponding to the strain point of the glass and cut while at this temperature into successive she ...

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Glass shapes and sheets are cut directly from a heated glass ribbon while maintaining the optical quality of the cut glass. A float glass ribbon is removed from a glass forming chamber and prior to annealing, a line of cut is heated to its softening temperature. A blade arrangement thereafter penetr ...

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Glass cutter (or scoring) apparatus for hand usage adapted to facilitate a preferred cutting procedure wherein the glass to be cut is itself moved with respect to a stationary cutter or stylus to provide a desired score line. A glass cutter that may have a cutter wheel or stylus is supported above a ...

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The internal compressive stresses sub-adjacent the surfaces of relatively thick (over 1/2 inch) glass sheet material are mechanically reduced on the surface to be scored by bending the glass during the scoring process to allow a glass cutting wheel of conventional geometry to overcome these stresses ...

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A method of cutting glass by use of focused laser beam is disclosed. A glass sheet is heated to a temperature in the range from about 1,000.degree.F to about 1,250.degree.F. A threshold power level is developed in a focused laser beam having a wave length above 5 microns. The focal point of the lase ...

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1. A device for sorting unsorted panes of glass from a glass-cutting installation, having a compartmented rack (68) which has perpendicular compartments (66) for the sorted reception of respective panes of glass (S), furthermore having a displaceable carriage (72, 148), movable along the compartment ...

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Damage to sheet glass is detected by monitoring with a piezo-electric sensor vibrations at ultrasonic frequencies propagated in the glass. Cutting, scoring or chipping of glass generates a frequency spectrum having high frequency components at greater than 100 kilohertz and particularly at about 300 ...