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Semiconductor wafers within a supporting vertical wafer tower are positioned within a vertical process chamber through a lower gate valve fixed to a supporting framework. The gate valve is sealed to a similar gate valve at the upper end of a movable load lock on the framework, within which the wafer ...

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A photolithographic apparatus in which a light source exposes a substrate for patterning includes an enclosure having a controllable internal ambient for transferring the substrate in and out of the apparatus, a gate valve through which the substrate is transferred into or out of the enclosure, and ...

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A sliding gate valve of the type in which refractory gates are sequentially disposed in operative position beneath the pour opening from a teeming vessel, such as a tundish, is effective to controllably throttle the metal flow stream from the vessel. Separate drives are employed for disposing the ga ...

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A rotatable auger is disposed within an ice chest to direct ice through an opening into a tubular conduit through which runs a flexible looped cable. Plastic paddles are fixed to the cable at spaced intervals and engage with ice received within the conduit and advance the ice through the conduit to ...

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A gate valve for use with a catheter including an elongated valve body having a transversely extending slide chamber and a slide member slidably supported in the slide chamber for transverse sliding movement between first and second positions. The slide chamber is defined in part by a pair of longit ...

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A tide gate valve has staggered pads embedded therein to provide sufficient strength to resist sagging and inversion, and to provide sufficient flexibility to promote an easy opening of the valve.

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A sliding gate valve includes a valve body (1) and a valve plate (5) which can slide transversely to the direction (108) of flow of the medium and exhibits narrow slot passages (50, 51) running transversely to the direction of the stroke, and which cooperates with a counterpart (4). The counterpart ...