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Column for carrying out gas or liquid chromatography comprising several capillaries coupled in parallel the capillaries being arranged side by side or woven or pleated together in the form of a flat band-like device, whereby the column can be bent and rolled up without tensions arising in same.

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In one embodiment the invention is a method for on-column valved injection gas chromatography by on-column injecting more than 5 microliters and less than one milliliter of sample consisting of a solvent and a component of interest into a retention gap/capiliary column system with an injection valve ...

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An improved system and method for high resolution gas chromatography (GC) is disclosed. This invention involves the use of fused silica open tubular capillary columns having a conductive exterior coating and an arrangement for electrically coupling a power source to such coating, whereby it is now p ...

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A high-performance, field-portable, thermally agile, gas chromatography (GC) system employs a low-thermal-mass oven in which intake and exhaust vent apertures are aligned with respect to the rotational axis of the stirring fan. The poppets of the vent dynamically vent to ambient the air-flow generat ...

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Apparatus and method for on-line coupled liquid chromatography and gas chromatography analysis includes a retention gap which allows injection of a substantial volume of sample-carrying eluent and concentrates bands, obviating adverse effects on the resolution or peak shape of the components of inte ...

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A short path thermal desorption apparatus for use in a gas chromatoagraphy-detector unit (GC-DET) such as a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry system has a housing defining an upper compartment, and a desorption compartment. An upper front panel on the housing has an elongated longitudinally dispo ...

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New type porous cordierite ceramics having a new characteristic interconnecting open cellular structure and a hollow microspherical cordierite glass powder with a shell devoid of any pores or provided with a few or an abundance of open pores which is used as a starting material for the porous cordie ...

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A gas chromatography (GC) system includes a primary complete, independently-operable, self-contained GC system and a secondary, dependently-operable GC system. The primary and secondary systems have two independently controlled GC ovens. Injectors and detectors are supported by heater blocks or oven ...

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An analyte pre-concentrator for gas chromatography is disclosed generally comprising a tube having a restricted outlet and packed with an adsorbent, wherein the tube serves as the liner of a chromatographic injector, as an adsorbent trap coupled to a chromatographic column, and/or as an adsorbent tr ...

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The present invention produces very stable, covalently bonded separation substrates for separations application such as liquid and gas chromatography as well as capillary zone electrophoresis. An intermediate substrate is prepared which has hydride species on the substrate surface. These hydrides pr ...