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A chemical sampling apparatus including an interface between a miniature mobility spectrometer and a gas chromatography system. The apparatus has a gas chromatography an ion mobility spectrometer and an input for inputting a regulated flow of a gas to be analyzed to the gas chromatograph. An interfa ...

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There is described a gas chromatographic assembly formed on a semiconductor wafer by etching techniques. There is also described an improved thermal detector for use therewith.

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A high speed gas chromatography system includes a heated isothermal region and a gas chromatography column located externally to the isothermal region. The system also includes a detector and a flow path between the column and the detector. At least a portion of the flow path is positioned in the is ...

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A gas chromatography assembly has a substrate wafer with grooves and a valve seat etched therein. A plate cooperates with the wafer and the grooves to define gas channels: a carrier gas channel and a sample gas channel, each passing through the valve seat. A valve actuator is attached to the valve s ...

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A plurality of samples subject to the same thermostatting time periods are directed one by one to the inlet section of a gas chromatograph for analysis in accordance with the head space method. To this end, a first heatable sample store adapted to be stepwise advanced is provided, in which thermosta ...

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A novel soybean seed and plant designated AX7777-7-30 having ATCC Accession No. 97616 and its descendents are provided. Such soybean seed contains an endogenous linolenic acid (C18:3) content in the vegetable oil at a low level of less than about 3 percent by weight (preferably less than about 2.5 p ...

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A process for the bacterial production of the hydrocarbon isoprene (2-methyl-1,3-butadiene) is described and claimed. Various bacterial species, both Gram-negative and Gram-positive, were found to produce isoprene, and a method to isolate isoprene-producing bacteria from natural sources is described ...

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Generally, the present invention provides a recirculating filtration system for use with a transportable ion mobility spectrometer in gas chromatography applications. The transportable recirculating filtration system comprises a pump and a set of filters and flow sensors connected to an ion mobility ...

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New type porous cordierite ceramics having a new characteristic interconnecting open cellular structure and a hollow microspherical cordierite glass powder with a shell devoid of any pores or provided with a few or an abundance of open pores which is used as a starting material for the porous cordie ...