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A ventilating system for a garbage container. The container includes a vessel for receiving wastes and a cover. The receiving vessel has walls which are at least over portions thereof provided with air passage openings. An air-permeable intermediate wall is arranged spaced above the vessel bottom fo ...

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A device for repelling animals is disclosed which is adapted for use with refuse and garbage containers to discourage entry therein by foraging animals. The device comprises:

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A vehicle for transporting garbage containers or the like fron one place to another. The vehicle includes a mast which is disposed on a flat bed to the rear of a truck cab and which is capable of traveling longitudinally along the length of the truck bed from one end adjacent the cab to the other en ...

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An emptying utility for containers, in particular for emptying garbage containers into the collecting tank of a garbage truck, is equipped with a weighing device which determines during the uninterrupted progress of the emptying operation, in one or two time clock windows, the weight of the filled c ...

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Garbage can be collected and fowarded in an economical manner by garbage trucks on which containers are detachably mounted. The containers can be lifted and removed from the garbage trucks and transferred to forwarding trucks in a simple operation. This is accomplished by the provision of a conveyor ...