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A dumpster cleaning apparatus for cleaning and deodorizing a garbage container. The dumpster cleaning apparatus includes a vehicle for traveling across a support surface. A washing assembly mounted on the vehicle for washing the garbage container. A lifting means mounted to the vehicle for lifting t ...

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A new garbage container cover and liner protector for preventing a trash liner from falling into the container. The inventive device includes a cylindrical container having an open upper end, a closed lower end and a cylindrical side wall therebetween. The cylindrical container is dimensioned for ho ...

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An opening device designed for large sized garbage containers to open the container with a positively controlled opener to provide a safety device to protect persons against accidental closing of very heavy doors or lids on limbs of people who must have access to the inside of the container.

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A garbage container with a compress device includes a first cylinder having a first receiving space defined therein. A compress plate is reciprocally and movably received in the first cylinder for compressing the garbage in the garbage container. A cover is pivotally mounted on a top portion of the ...

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A garbage bag holder includes a frame adapted to fit in a garbage container. The frame includes a pair of parallel rods and supports spaced apart on the rods with notches for receiving the handles of several garbage bags which depend into the container. The notches are preferably flared downward so ...

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This Patent covers a device for lifting, tilting and discharging of garbage containers into the garbage trucks. The device is consisting of a transverse mobile slider (3) located between the truck driver's cab (1) and the dump box (2), of a fixed or articulated double structural shaped upright (5) m ...

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An aeration system for garbage containers for accommodation of compostable waste is described, which promotes aerobic degradation processes in the waste product, but which substantially suppresses the occurrence of anaerobic degradation processes.

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A process is disclosed for collecting and disposing of waste (1), in particular household rubbish. Waste is separately collected and sorted at the place at which it is produced in plastic bags (3a, 3b, 3c) provided with appropriate distinguishing markings (2a, 2b, 2c) in accordance with recycling cr ...

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The garbage container, having a simple structure, a reliable performance, and being easy to install and cost effective, includes a container body, an infrared induction device, a movable cover automatically opened through infrared induction device, an infrared induction device, an automatic cover-op ...

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A garbage container is placed on the dumping body of a two-wheel trailer between the sideboards of the dumping body. A jack is provided to raise the front end of the container relative to the dumping body. Four legs are slidably mounted in sleeves secured to the sides of the container and are locate ...