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A fuel cell system employing a gasifier for generating fuel gas for the fuel cell of the fuel cell system and in which heat for the gasifier is derived from the anode exhaust gas of the fuel cell.

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A miniature fuel cell system uses porous plastic membranes as substrates of fuel cells. A cost effective pore-free electrode or inter electrolyte foil that is permeable only to hydrogen as an ion. The new electrode makes direct alcohol fuel cells efficient. It blocks the poisoning alcohol diffusion ...

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An electric power generation system has a regulated vacuum ejector for recirculating the fluid fuel stream. The system includes a fuel cell stack, a pressurized fuel supply having a pressure control valve for regulating the pressure of the fuel supply, a vacuum ejector interposed between the fuel su ...

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Fuel cell assemblies and methods for manufacturing same are disclosed, the fuel cell assemblies comprising a stacked configuration of fuel cell laminates, each including a catalytic fuel electrode, a catalytic oxygen electrode, and an electrolyte therebetween the electrolyte comprising an ion exchan ...

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A fuel cell system including a fuel reformer heated by a catalytic combustor fired by anode effluent and/or fuel from a liquid fuel supply providing fuel for the fuel cell. The combustor includes a vaporizer section heated by the combustor exhaust gases for vaporizing the fuel before feeding it into ...

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The invention relates to a fuel cell system with a hydrogen purification subsystem. The hydrogen purification subsystem can concentrate hydrogen from the fuel exhaust for recirculation or storage. The hydrogen purification subsystem can also concentrate hydrogen from a fuel supply for input into a f ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a cleaning device with good working efficiency, a low-noise property and long driving time, capable of working continuously without discharging substances such as poisonous exhaust gas and the like. SOLUTION: The cleaning device collects dust on the floor surface, th ...

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An internal reforming fuel cell system wherein the reforming reaction in the cell absorbs heat from the electrochemical reaction in the cell in an amount to substantially maintain the cell at a predetermined temperature and without the need for additional cooling considerations. The excess fuel proc ...

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A propulsion system for a vehicle having pairs of front and rear wheels and a fuel tank. An electrically driven motor having an output shaft operatively connected to at least one of said pair of wheels is connected to a fuel cell having a positive electrode and a negative electrode separated by an e ...

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Methanol supplied as a raw fuel is mixed with water, vaporized in an evaporator 24, and supplied to a reformer 22 as a raw fuel gas. The reformer 22 also receives a supply of the compressed air from an air tank 36. The raw fuel gas is mixed with the compressed air in the reformer 22. An oxidation re ...