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A method of making ceramics is provided. The method comprises preparing a dispersion of a nano-material. A slurry of a ceramic matrix material is prepared. The nano-dispersion is mixed with the matrix slurry to form a nano-dispersion/slurry mixture. The nano-dispersion/slurry mixture is dried. The n ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve the fracture toughness of ceramics porcelain much more.SOLUTION: The method for manufacturing ceramic porcelain comprises the steps of: adding hexagonal celsian powder of 0.5-30 parts weight to ceramic powder of 100 parts weight to obtain a mixture; and sintering the ...

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Amorphous steel composites with enhanced mechanical properties and related methods for toughening amorphous steel alloys. The composites are formed from monolithic amorphous steel and hard ceramic particulates, which must be embedded in the glass matrix through melting at a temperature above the mel ...

Blade with Hourglass Notch. September 14, 2017: US20170259441-A1

The present invention generally relates to blades. Specifically, embodiments of the present invention relate to blades with an hourglass notch in which the hourglass notch functions to secure the blade onto a utility application.