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An inflatable padding for attachment to the interior surface of a helmet, for protecting the head of a participant in a sporting event, such as a football game. The inflatable padding comprises a plurality of inflatable bag-like means or members adapted for positioning about the head of the wearer, ...

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The invention pertains to protective helmet that has an inflatable liner that is constructed with a multiplicity of cells each separated by constrictions of a narrower cross-section. The liner has a central ring and a plurality of loops extending therefrom adapted to protect various portions of the ...

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A new football helmet includes: a jaw flap attached to the ear flap of the helmet, and the jaw flap overlies the sides of the lower jaw of football player; and a face guard connector which includes a shock absorbing member.

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A protective helmet, such as a football helmet, motorcycle helmet, construction helmet, or the like comprises a shell made of impact-resistant material. Inside of the helmet is a complete transceiver system which allows two-way wireless communication between persons in the same location or to a remo ...

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A football helmet is provided with a releasable face mask which is attached to the helmet by hook-and-pile fastening means. Abutment means prevent relative movement of the face mask in response to a force which impinges on the mask in a direction toward the wearer's face, but permit the mask to brea ...

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A protective helmet incorporates an inflatable liner that has front, crown, rear, left and right side portions. To ensure uniform inflation, the inflatable liner is comprised of a plurality of inflatable cells interconnected by a series of air passageways. The liner has a front portion that extends ...

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A method and apparatus for testing a football helmet utilizes a weighted pendulum arm to impart an impact force upon the helmet. Linear head acceleration and rotational head acceleration caused by the impact force is measured and a Head Impact Power Index is computed and used as a standard to judge ...

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A hand-held, battery-operated rotary blade saw useful for cutting plastic clips or straps which secure a face mask to a football helmet. Several configurations, having differing safety shields, are disclosed. The device is an emergency/rescue tool to quickly remove a face mask from a football helmet ...

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A football training harness in which detachable rigid connections adjustable in length extend from the shoulder pads to the rear of the football helmet to prevent hyperflexion and the bending of the head of the player forwardly during blocking and tackling. The connection includes rings secured to t ...

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This invention is a protective helmet with releasable face guard apparatus that resembles a football helmet having considerable shock absorbing thickness and a face shield member that is releasably connected to the helmet. More particularly, the protective helmet with releasable face guard apparatus ...