Johnny B Bilberry: Neck support. John M Harrison, February 26, 1985: US04501023 (52 worldwide citation)

A neck support for use in athletic contact sports such as football, which includes a resilient, yieldable collar having at least one front support extending downwardly from the collar beneath an athlete's chin, and attached to his shoulder harness or pads. The collar intercepts the chin, and the col ...

Susan Matsumoto: Talking football. Michael Ebert, February 22, 1994: US05288069 (51 worldwide citation)

A talking, soft football for young children, which when caught by a player then emits an audible voice message or crowd roar sounds appropriate to the game of football. The football is formed by an elliptical casing of flexible plastic enclosing a core of compressible material. Nested in a cavity in ...

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A football-shaped game ball is formed of a resilient foam material and defines an oblate spheroidal outer surface having generally pointed ends. A plurality of rib portions extend outwardly from the outer surface and define nonsymmetrical cross-sections. In the preferred embodiment shown, the rib po ...

Billy R Letson Sr: Articulated brace for protection of the joint of a wearers limbs. C A Phillips, December 5, 1989: US04884561 (50 worldwide citation)

A brace for protection and support of the joint of a wearer's limbs. The brace may be worn during periods of recuperation from injuries to the joint while also permitting the wearer to engage in contact sports, such as football, etc., while recuperating from such injuries.

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The invention is directed to a football shoulder pad which includes a pair of rigid arches and a less rigid pad member associated with each rigid arch. Each pad has opposite pockets which open toward each other, and terminal edges of the rigid arches are received in the pockets whereby the arches an ...

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An athletic shoe is described with an outer sole having a laterally elongated matetarsal cleat of resilient material molded integral with such outer sole. The metatarsal cleat extends laterally across the entire width of the toe portion of the sole in a position immediately behind the heads of the m ...

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There is provided by the invention a subsurface drainage system which promotes efficient and controlled subsurface drainage of fluids, such as irrigation water, applied to the surface of land such as a football field. A drain core apparatus is provided that provides rapid infiltration and later move ...

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A compression sport pant is disclosed having pad pockets which are constructed in a manner to prevent early failure of the fabric of the garment to which the pockets are attached. The upper corners of the hip and tailbone pockets are anchored to the waistband, and the ends of the pocket seams are sp ...

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The hand-held air blower has a hollow, substantially cylindrical housing with an open front end, a plurality of air intake openings, an impeller situated within the housing proximate the intake openings, a motor for driving the impeller, and battery means for powering the motor. A concentrator attac ...

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An inflatable protective neck collar for a football player or the like. The collar extends circumferentially about the player's neck to provide an air cushion between his head and shoulders. Blows to the head and neck are cushioned by the collar to protect the wearer against injury due to extreme ne ...