William F Wilke, Alan G Hutcheson, Richard D Ross: Electronic game apparatus and method. Phillips Moore Weissenberger Lempio & Majestic, June 6, 1978: US04093223 (52 worldwide citation)

An electronic apparatus for simulating athletic contests is disclosed. A specific embodiment of the apparatus is a football game including a simulated playing field, wherein the play execution and play outcome for each play is displayed in real time. Two opposing players are alternatively on defense ...

Raymond F Tonkel: Cushioning and impact absorptive means for footwear operative component. Kangaroos U, Paul M Denk, February 21, 1989: US04805319 (52 worldwide citation)

This invention pertains to the encapsulation of a cellular insert, formed of various woven cellular components, or fabricated to a grooved design formed of a series of linearly woven strands, each of which presents various voids or cavities within their formed structure, and then foamed in place wit ...

Lemelson Jerome H, Elfman Allan M: Ball for target games. November 4, 1975: US3917271 (52 worldwide citation)

Structures are provided in missiles for use in toy target games and the like having a multitude of upstanding hook-like formations secured thereto and operable to retain the missiles against a target surface. In one form, a missile in the shape of a hollow spheroid is moulded of plastic and includes ...

Flynn Stephen D: Breathing apparatus.. O Two Systems Int, May 2, 1985: EP0139363-A1 (51 worldwide citation)

A breathing valve (10) having a valve chamber (16) with a two-way opening (36) for exit of exhaled gases and through which atmospheric air may be drawin in, a valve member (40) in the chamber (16), a one-way flow opening (54) in the valve member (40) through which gas may flow from the chamber (16) ...

Johnny B Bilberry: Neck support. John M Harrison, February 26, 1985: US04501023 (51 worldwide citation)

A neck support for use in athletic contact sports such as football, which includes a resilient, yieldable collar having at least one front support extending downwardly from the collar beneath an athlete's chin, and attached to his shoulder harness or pads. The collar intercepts the chin, and the col ...

Stanley K Honey, Richard H Cavallaro, Jerry Neil Gepner, Edward Gerald Goren, David Blyth Hill: Method and apparatus for adding a graphic indication of a first down to a live video of a football game. Fox Sports Productions, Fliesler Dubb Meyer & Lovejoy, October 31, 2000: US06141060 (50 worldwide citation)

Pan, tilt and zoom sensors are coupled to a broadcast camera in order to determine the field of view of the broadcast camera and to make a rough estimate of a target's location in the broadcast camera's field of view. Pattern recognition techniques can be used to determine the exact location of the ...

Susan Matsumoto: Talking football. Michael Ebert, February 22, 1994: US05288069 (50 worldwide citation)

A talking, soft football for young children, which when caught by a player then emits an audible voice message or crowd roar sounds appropriate to the game of football. The football is formed by an elliptical casing of flexible plastic enclosing a core of compressible material. Nested in a cavity in ...

Billy R Letson Sr: Articulated brace for protection of the joint of a wearers limbs. C A Phillips, December 5, 1989: US04884561 (50 worldwide citation)

A brace for protection and support of the joint of a wearer's limbs. The brace may be worn during periods of recuperation from injuries to the joint while also permitting the wearer to engage in contact sports, such as football, etc., while recuperating from such injuries.

John N Handy: Football having raised ribs. Mattel, Roy A Ekstrand, July 28, 1992: US05133550 (50 worldwide citation)

A football-shaped game ball is formed of a resilient foam material and defines an oblate spheroidal outer surface having generally pointed ends. A plurality of rib portions extend outwardly from the outer surface and define nonsymmetrical cross-sections. In the preferred embodiment shown, the rib po ...

Thad M Ide, Ralph J Infusino, Nelson Kraemer, Christopher R P Withnall, Timothy D Bayne: Sports helmet. Riddell, McDermott Will & Emery, July 10, 2007: US07240376 (49 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a sports helmet, such as a football, hockey, lacrosse or baseball helmet. The helmet includes a shell having an outer surface, a front region, a rear region, and two side regions. A jaw flap extends from each ear flap towards the front region of the shell, wherein the ...

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