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The present invention provides on-field sports officials and other similarly situated users with systems, methods and portable devices for monitoring, reviewing and evaluating sports, entertainment, news and other events and occurrences in nearly real time. These systems, methods and devices for exa ...

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A shoulder pad for a football player, includes a rib protector pad body disposed adjacent to the body arch members and releasably connected to the pad body disposed beneath the body arch members of the shoulder pad.

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A football helmet is provided with a releasable face mask which is attached to the helmet by hook-and-pile fastening means. Abutment means prevent relative movement of the face mask in response to a force which impinges on the mask in a direction toward the wearer's face, but permit the mask to brea ...

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Pan, tilt and zoom sensors are coupled to a broadcast camera in order to determine the field of view of the broadcast camera and to make a rough estimate of a target's location in the broadcast camera's field of view. Pattern recognition techniques can be used to determine the exact location of the ...

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The polar-lighted recreational ball is substantially symmetrical about an axis of the ball body and hasa opposing polar regions at opposite ends of the axis. Axially recessed lighting assemblies at each polar region project light outwardly from the ball through a light passage at the polar regions. ...

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A breathing valve (10) having a valve chamber (16) with a two-way opening (36) for exit of exhaled gases and through which atmospheric air may be drawin in, a valve member (40) in the chamber (16), a one-way flow opening (54) in the valve member (40) through which gas may flow from the chamber (16) ...

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An athletic shoe suitable for use on artificial turf is described including an improved upper of a porous multiple layer construction and an improved sole having integral polygon shaped studs. The upper is preferably made of nylon tricot fabric outer layer, a polyurethane foam middle layer, and a po ...

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An electronic apparatus for simulating athletic contests is disclosed. A specific embodiment of the apparatus is a football game including a simulated playing field, wherein the play execution and play outcome for each play is displayed in real time. Two opposing players are alternatively on defense ...

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This invention pertains to the encapsulation of a cellular insert, formed of various woven cellular components, or fabricated to a grooved design formed of a series of linearly woven strands, each of which presents various voids or cavities within their formed structure, and then foamed in place wit ...

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The invention concerns a sole, used as a throughsole, inner sole or insole for a shoe, e.g, a football boot with a flexible outsole. The sole ensures that when shooting on the volley in football or with similar loadings, the entire force can be transmitted to the ball or similar sports equipment by ...