Tony Verna: Systems, devices and methods for reviewing selected signal segments. ScanZ Communications, Covington & Burling, January 20, 2004: US06681398 (58 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides on-field sports officials and other similarly situated users with systems, methods and portable devices for monitoring, reviewing and evaluating sports, entertainment, news and other events and occurrences in nearly real time. These systems, methods and devices for exa ...

Thad M Ide, Ralph J Infusino, Nelson Kraemer, Christopher R P Withnall, Timothy D Bayne: Football helmet. Riddell, Wallenstein Wagner & Rockey, August 30, 2005: US06934971 (55 worldwide citation)

A new football helmet includes: a jaw flap attached to the ear flap of the helmet, and the jaw flap overlies the sides of the lower jaw of football player; and a face guard connector which includes a shock absorbing member.

Carl Joel Abraham: Apparatus for enhancing absorption and dissipation of impact forces for all protective headgear. August 14, 2001: US06272692 (54 worldwide citation)

An improved protective headgear apparatus for usage in connection with sporting activities, such as football, hockey, cycling, and the like, and other activities requiring the usage of protective head gear. The protective headgear apparatus is specifically designed to improve the absorption and diss ...

Raymond H Pelfrey: Football punting shoe. Naylor Neal & Vilkema, January 3, 1978: US04065861 (54 worldwide citation)

A pair of impactor elements are fixedly attached to a football shoe along the side and even with the top and sides of the arch of the foot. These impactors are provided with planar ball impacting surfaces which materially increase the area of contact between the shoe and the football. These impactor ...

Steven Rehkemper, Michael Kass, Bret Gould: Electronic football capable of measuring throwing statistics. Rehco, June 24, 2003: US06582330 (54 worldwide citation)

The electronic football of the present invention is capable of calculating various throwing statistics. The electronic football includes a start switch in communication with a timer means that starts when the start switch is released approximately simultaneously when the football is thrown. Upon imp ...

James T Hayden: Football helmet with breakaway face mask. Wood Herron & Evans, August 14, 1990: US04947490 (53 worldwide citation)

A football helmet is provided with a releasable face mask which is attached to the helmet by hook-and-pile fastening means. Abutment means prevent relative movement of the face mask in response to a force which impinges on the mask in a direction toward the wearer's face, but permit the mask to brea ...

William F Wilke, Alan G Hutcheson, Richard D Ross: Electronic game apparatus and method. Phillips Moore Weissenberger Lempio & Majestic, June 6, 1978: US04093223 (52 worldwide citation)

An electronic apparatus for simulating athletic contests is disclosed. A specific embodiment of the apparatus is a football game including a simulated playing field, wherein the play execution and play outcome for each play is displayed in real time. Two opposing players are alternatively on defense ...

Raymond F Tonkel: Cushioning and impact absorptive means for footwear operative component. Kangaroos U, Paul M Denk, February 21, 1989: US04805319 (52 worldwide citation)

This invention pertains to the encapsulation of a cellular insert, formed of various woven cellular components, or fabricated to a grooved design formed of a series of linearly woven strands, each of which presents various voids or cavities within their formed structure, and then foamed in place wit ...

Lemelson Jerome H, Elfman Allan M: Ball for target games. November 4, 1975: US3917271 (52 worldwide citation)

Structures are provided in missiles for use in toy target games and the like having a multitude of upstanding hook-like formations secured thereto and operable to retain the missiles against a target surface. In one form, a missile in the shape of a hollow spheroid is moulded of plastic and includes ...

Nicole Durr: Sports helmet. McHale & Slavin, September 10, 2002: US06446270 (52 worldwide citation)

An improved helmet constructed with a rigid shell having a soft outer covering which absorbs impacts and disperses energy thereby protecting the wearer of the helmet, as well as protecting the impacting object. When used for contact sports such as football, this covering is effective in preventing i ...

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